Friday, November 12, 2021

HUP Stands with Trans Athletes

 HUP United stands with trans athletes. As a team, we feel it is important to make our stance clear and visible. We want everyone to feel safe and included at races and while out riding. One small step we have taken is to design these new team socks. We have been inspired by other teams and race promoters who have spoken up and taken actions to make their events inclusive and safe. We thought that other people in the cyclocross community would also like to show their support, so we have designed a non-team version as well. All profits will go to the Jessica Beck Fundraiser -- and of course we encourage you to donate above and beyond your sock purchase.


Here are some organizations where you can help support trans rights more broadly:


Boston Area Trans Support

MTPC (Massachusetts)



Okra Project

Trevor Project

Northwest Arkansas Equality - part of Human Rights Campaign


Help raise awareness in support of DEI efforts in cycling and particularly trans rights. Here are some actions you could take:

  • A message that would be  good for Kelsey Erickson (leader of the DEI task force) and USAC to hear is that you and your larger cycling community (which includes USAC members) would include that you were very disappointed in their response to the situation in Arkansas, but do see that they are trying to be a force for good and note that you and your community values the input and work of the DEI Task Force. 

  • If there are specific steps that you would like to see USAC take, include those as well. (The more voices and input, the better!) 

  • If there are specific contributions that you or your community can make to elevating these issues locally (or in the states where there is pending legislation), please say so and ask for help elevating your work.

  • Express support for USAC standard inclusive language for race promoters to use (some are doing this on their own).

  • Express support for real consequences for people who make trans athletes feel unwelcome. 

Hup United socks available to Hup United members only (at least initially)

Striped socks available to the public

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