Wednesday, July 30, 2014


#CXisComing. This we know. But it can wait for a while. At least six weeks. Its taken me a while but I have bought into Oleg's "No CX until September" mandate. Its important. Especially the racing of the CX. Plenty of time for that. But what is very important in the month of August and early September is RIDING your CX bike. In the woods. As much as possible. With friends and having rad times. So to help with this we have one rad weekend in the works. Its going to be a double CX ride weekend. Mark your calendars. Stash the blood bags, cold beers and pizza. Save the weekend of Saturday, Sept 13 & Sunday, Sept 14. You will thank me later. I guarantee it. Day One will be the 2nd Annual Honey 100. New route, same amazing ride support and good times. Register here at Bikereg.

Day Two is going to be amazing. After doing Saturday's Honey 100 we will embark on a Lone Wolf Cycling Field OPS ride. What will this ride be all about? Its still a secret. But imagine the #hecklepit + Ronde de Rosey + Philly + Boston and you have one full day of dirt and rad times on CX bikes. And of course we will have a party after the ride. Stay tuned for more information. Until then keep it CXy people.