Sunday, September 28, 2014

The Golden Ticket

Greetings my fellow Trail Wizards!!!! Its been a while. Sorry for my absence. I could bore you with details but suffice it to say its been a tad busy in the #CBL. This week is going to be beyond rad. Soooo much cool stuff on tap for (Un)Holy Week. But for our purposes I will try and keep my ADHD from going full throttle and stay on message.

First up. This coming Friday at the Providence CX Festival the UCI and USAC are handing over the reigns to their C1 course and letting us dirtbag SSCXers have a go at it! The course is NOT to be missed. It is one of the best course in the country. So much swoopy radness and good times. The winner of the Men's and Women's SSCX will be awarded a Golden Ticket to SSCXWC14KY. I am sure you have heard of SSCXWC14KY right? It will be off the hook. The Colonels know a thing or two about throwing a rad CX party/race weekend. They have some cool things in the works. 

So to recap. Come to Providence next Friday. Win. Get a Golden Ticket. Now not to be a all about the details but lets say you win the SSCX race but don't plan on going to SSCXWC14KY please do the right thing and hand it down to a racer who will go and represent the #NECX. I am hoping a big crew from New England heads down to KY and shows the world what we are all about. We have a lot of other cool stuff to hand out and award from the KY crew. VIP passes, stickers and Boss Hog hat will be awarded to some lucky SSCXers. Come join the fun Friday! It will be a full day and evening with SSCX, Madison and the Builders' Ball. You will not want to miss it!

Next on tap. I have made some new friends. Calling them friends is an understatement. More like brothers and sisters from another Mother. I can't even put into words how I feel about the Philly crew. I love them. There I said it. I know this is uncomfortable for people from New England to hear. We are raised to HATE Philly. But I can put aside my sports ball (and puck) rivalries that were preached to me from birth and date within the Division a bit if you will. I have never met a more rad crew. Our exploits have been well documented. Really its just the beginning. Much cultural exchange will occur in the coming years and months. For now I want to introduce you to our newest project. We are coining it the Trail Wizard. The Trail Wizard was born or possessed us all somewhere in Weston as we were suffering from heat exhaustion doing recon for the LWC FLD OPS MA. We decided to launch a Trail Wizard fund to support local trails in both New England and Philly. Phase one in the Trail Wizard fund is a limited edition All Roads Honey frameset raffle. It is painted in a special scheme that harkens to the woods and is pure Trail Wizard. Please buy a couple of raffle tickets to support the trails. The raffle can be found here at bikereg. May the odds be in your favor.

In coming months we will have more details about the Trail Wizard fund and more mashups presented by LWC and the #NECX. If I could clone myself I would be heading down to IronCross next Sunday and shred some PA gnar with the newest members of my Wolf Pack. But sadly that technology doesn't seem to be there right now. For this go around I will be there in spirit hooting and hollering with the LWC/Philly/PA crew. Cheers