Thursday, February 11, 2010

Fresh Tracks!

It was the storm that never happened. Y2k, Guaranteed Colts Super Bowl Victory, Swine Flu, and Snowpocalyps. Notice a trend here? Yeah its called the so-called experts like Hysteria more than the actual facts. But we did get some snow. Maybe a couple of inches of fresh soft powder that turned the woods into Skadi's Winter playland. Nothing wipes away a nasty disposition than diving into the woods where the only sound is your breathing and chicadees.
I got to the "pukey" place a couple of times as the climbs were like 50 rpm grinds in the longest sand pit you can imagine. But surfing the downhills was worth it! I stopped to take a ton of pictures as the wind blown powder on the trees and bushes was incredible. Phenomenal hour in the woods! Words are pretty much pointless but suffice it to say I had a great ride. The Nokkians continue to keep me upright and sans broken bones which is a plus. All those west coasters who think they've got it so good in their temperate climates have no idea what they are missing!