Monday, May 2, 2011

Blue is the new Black

Quick photo post of some faves from the last couple of weeks. Gilbert owning the brothers Schleck at L-B-L. After this Classics season I think it is safe to say who cares about the Grand Tours. Classics are filled with so much drama and mayhem. And the races are won by bike racers not Manerexics....and frankly when the Belgians win we all win...
I don't get enough Evil in my I ride with the Dark Lord on a regular basis..
The 2011 Hup United Bleu B Sample dropped and my mind is blown....
The "new" Bleu is a departure from our old design and brings Noir, Blanco and Bleu all together and makes it look so clean and PRO its not even funny. Plus the new Bleu adds at least 5o watts. True fact.
Sometimes it does not seem possible....and yet....Spring is here my friends. Hup! Hup!