Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Night Weasels bonus footage

The Newbury Comics "heckle zone" or "beer feed" not sure which. All I do know is every time I came through here it got me sooo stoked it was insane. Thank you NC for rocking so hard and supporting cross in New England

Jon Nable. New HUPmate. Such a great guy. Massive watts. Mad skills. A playoff beard worthy of envy. Sidelined with a nasty D2R2 concussion. So glad he is ok. It could have been worse. But we need that man healed and headache free!

Thom. Looking like a rockstar with double shades. He hooked me up with some Tim Johnson Mad Alchemy right before my start. And frankly it set the tone for my whole race! The fact that TJ was at the race giving beer handups while I was racing with TJ blend on my legs is mind boggling

DJ looking PRO as hell and in full HUP team issue compliance! We had a good battle out there in the dark and in the mucky muck...

The Newbury Comics tent was the place to be. Darkness falls on dahweasel and blood and metal feeds the beast

The Prince and Princess of Darkness Trophies were amazing! Thanks to Skunk at Seven for making them. People were so stoked to win them

There is a cross bike under there. Somewhere.

Yeah its a new type of Campy Electronic derailler. I had to hide it under the mucky muck or the Italians would have had my head....

How the bike worked at all is beyond me. The bikes went from 17 pounds at the line to about 70 pounds after the first lap. You literally had to pull shit off your brakes, drivetrain etc as you ran. Or you had to stop and just triage it real fast. Running was such a big part of the Night Weasels. This my friends was not a grass crit. At. All


  1. After seeing the video, there's no way I miss this next year. Even if it degrades into a swamp trot.

  2. This may sound insane and I may be forgetting the true horror but it wasn't that bad. I would say you had to run a total of 100-200 yards. It was one little run up over a little hill then a bog trot then a remount and a crazy descent. Then it flattened out. The mtn bikers and runners did great. And it was just a ton of fun. A party where a cx race broke out. Plus getting to play in the mucky muck