Monday, November 28, 2011

Waffe Cross

Waffle Cross was born out of a desire to ride cross bikes 365 days a year. Not RACE cross bikes but ride them. Yes I get that cross is technically about racing but the bikes themselves as Grant Peterson once so poignantly stated are "do everything bikes." They really are. Yeah you can just be fixated on the racing and good for you. That is awesome. But you are missing a big aspect of what a cross bike can do for you. It can truly end up being a time machine. A core group of us started meeting up at Wheelworks. Andy Huff and Andy Ewas two of the most stylish gentleman cyclists in New England championed it and kept it going. The crew at Wheelworks were/are huge supporters of it. Starr and Brian and everyone who made waffles, brought coffee and led rides built it into this communal thing that moved beyond Battle Road and to an actual cross race at Lowell and then to what I hope is a long standing tradition the Thanksgiving Waffle Cross ride.
This Thanksgiving a small group of us showed up at Elm Bank to partake of the 2nd annual Waffle Cross. I didn't do a hard count but I would say about 20 of us were on hand. A lot of familiar faces and teams representing. It wasn't too cold at all and in no time we all headed out to do The Loop. The Loop is a sick mix of multi use paths, mtn bike trails and roads looping all through Wellesley and South Natick. My good friends Rob and Steen carved this loop out and have shared it with us. It is one of the most revered rides I do. I can't ride it without thinking of Rob and Steen and what a gift it is. Its not to be taken lightly on cx bikes especially covered in wet leaves. And we may have had some collateral damage along the way but I think everyone had a good time. I had to peel off early and didn't get to the waffle portion of the ride but felt so stoked to be able to jump in on a ride like this and then head off on my holiday vacation.

Rob is one of those guys that literally does it all. I have never met a more dedicated man in my life. I stay home with the kids but frankly I am an amateur compared to Rob. He is a cat 1 stay at home dad. I wish I could do half the things he does with his kids with mine. It is mindboggling. Huge respect to that man. And not only is he an amazing dad he is one of the coolest friends I have. Super talented on the bike, amazing photographer and one of those friends who even if you haven't seen them in a while its like you never skipped a beat. Love that man.
Uri getting his hi-viz on. I seriously need to get him a hi-viz Lazer helmet. Only Uri could pull it off. We had a crash not even 2 minutes into the ride. Wet leaves combined with a metal grate and you get the picture. To make matters worse the crashed rider landed in a huge puddle. Soaking her pretty much head to toe. She was tough as nails and just continued on. I would have headed back to the cars and started drinking massive amounts of coffee...

The Wilcox in deep thought. Or ducking my attempts at photojournalism. This is more arty anyway. As always so much fun riding with David.
Valhalla, Mecca you name it. Elm Bank really is a special place. Thank you Steen and Rob for sharing The Loop with the NECX. Thank you to Andy Huff and Andy Ewas for giving us Waffle Cross. And for being the most stylish men in cycling. I wish I had one ounce of the style those two have. Cross season is almost over. The cross RIDING never has to be over.

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