Wednesday, December 7, 2011

We fly high

Ok this may be my favorite photo of the season! Well of myself. Most photos I see of myself are cringe worthy. I am sooo deep in the pain cave or I have snot bubbles coming out of my nose. I am not really photogenic anyway if you know what I am saying. But this photo! Damn. Our newest teamate Elaine Debititto is not only a great bike racer but an ACE photographer. I have really admired her work for the last couple of seasons. As a racer she puts herself in some great spots to get some great action photos.

But what we have here is one of the things I love about NBX! Those uphill double barriers are amazing. My technical training has pretty much taken a backseat to just riding the bike. I used to get out with the pvc barriers and just do dismounts over and over again. That really was the focus of most of my cx seasons. I prided myself for having that technical piece down. But you know what this season I realized while it is all great to do a perfect cx dismount its a bike race and not a cx dismount show. So I have been riding fast to race fast. But these play to my strengths. You can come in super hot as there is a straight away leading up to the planks. Then you just rail up a little bermy grass hill and fly off!

Probably my best work on the barriers all season long. Made up for my horrible beach runs both days! NBX was an awesome weekend of racing. Thanks Elaine for making look like I am sort of going fast! Hup! Hup!

My ONLY regret with this photo is that I am not rocking some pimp black vernice Sidi Dragons. The old ones I have on don't accent the Lion of Flanders socks or do them justice. Which is so sad. But frankly those socks added sick watts. Even on the beach. I have never heard of running watts. But no one passed me on the beach run on Day 2. It was definitely the socks...

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  1. Forget the socks..look at those svelte gazelle-like legs. Hup! Hup!