Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Ronde photo dump

There were so many cool images to be captured from the Ronde. But I could barely breathe or eat so shooting photos was really out of the question. Of the images I wish I had captured were Aumiller's Johnny Cash socks. They were high and black and Johnny Cash was flipping me off and telling me to stop being such a weak puke and pedal harder. Dana Prey handing me a ziplocked bag of fresh bacon. Actually any photo of the Pedal Power ladies. They looked so stylish in their new kits and were smiling at all times. DJ Roberto and his boom box. Why do I love Robert Hale? There are a ton of reasons but that is sure one of them. Dude shows up at a brutal bandit cx race with a boom box on his his bike. Luckily boom boxes have gotten smaller in the 21st century so there is that but still people were riding slicks and trying to eek out all the speed they could out of their bikes. Respect. And it just sums up Robert in general. He is tough as nails and so fast. He also has mad ninja skills that I never even knew he had. But he's fun. Like a lot of fun. And a great guy. I am so glad that he finally invited me on Camelstache.

Ok so those are some of the photos I wish I had taken. Here are some that I did take that are just gems:

Ramponi sporting the old school Yo Eddy kit and riding one of the sickest Firefly Monster cross bikes you have ever seen.

Belgian tan lines and real tan lines were the order of the day. It must have been 80 degrees at points. I have a savage tan right now. Pretty much at August levels...

There were some sick bikes at the Ronde. This may have been one of the sickest. Pete's new Stoemper. One sexy aluminum cx killing machine. It was also my first chance to see the new Mad Alchemy kits in person. They are gorgeous. And as I rolled out locked behind Pete's team I noticed one really cool detail. Each rider has a frame builders name on the back panel of their shorts. Each rider is "sponsored" by a builder. I wish I could have shot that. It was so cool. Zanconato, Rock Lobster, Stoemper. That is a serious line up to say the least.
Pete rocked fatty slicks. Mind boggling. But fast guys want to go fast! And they tend to have the skills to cash that kind of check

Go, Go Godzilla...this may be the best headbadge on the planet...

William Johnson looking ready to crush it. A lot to love in that photo....

Hup's own Big Tomeke. Man just oozes style. So tough and such a nice guy. It was so great to see him. I see some serious mtn biking with the big man in my future this summer.

Geekhouse. Love the Geekhouse crew. I am way too old and unhip to even associate with them but they get major props from me for channeling the early days of Fat City...

Ahhh my good friend Roger Cadman of Newbury Comics....great, great friend. And to be honest that is what the Ronde is about. You cannot recreate the type of bonds you forge on a day like Sunday in a more casual setting. Racers may scoff at this type of event. Saying its a group ride. Fine. Go race your races. Its cool with me. I am wicked proud of my friends who went to Battenkill and Myles Standish etc and rocked it. But these type of events are different. Its like going to war. Or on a expedition etc. It tests you. You find out the true nature of people. You support each other, push each other farther than possible. You learn to adapt. Love it. Thank you to all of you for being so rad. Hup! Hup!

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