Thursday, May 3, 2012

Ride to the Ride

Ride to the Ride. Very simple idea. We like to think cycling is so eco-friendly. And it can be. For commuting etc. But bike racing is NOT eco-friendly. AT. ALL. Pretty sure that is why Dan Timmerman retired. And he had a point. People seemed pretty outraged that an International mining company sponsored a Pro cycling team. Why? Have you watched the TDF? Even the Classics have a full entourage of cars, vans and trucks. Choppers are in the air etc. Cycling promotes an active healthy lifestyle (barring the doping) but its not green. But we try don't we. And someone who is trying harder than all of us is Doug Jenne. He is taking the Ride to the Ride concept seriously. I first met him at the Ronde de Rosey. He rode from CT. On his singlespeed. Then he raced the Ronde on the same ss. Then he rode back to CT. He is taking this concept and running with it. Or riding with it as it were. We bumped into him again at Singlespeed-A-Palooza. I seriously need to do a straight up interview and get to the bottom of it. For now he has inspired me that is for sure. I am not going to whine about a slow ride to the trails on 20 psi ever again. Check out his blog and think about it next time you drive to some trail head or drive to some road ride that you can ride to. Leave the car at home. You have a perfectly good mode of transportation sitting right in your garage. Its not a toy. I swear.

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