Friday, August 17, 2012

9 days

Cross season starts in 9 days. Its been an unreal summer. So much family stuff. I got totally hooked by singlespeed 29ers. Still surfing that wave. I now consider myself a mountain biker who races cross. Crazy. I haven't thought like that since about 1994. Yeah I know I should be a lot better at the bikes considering how long I have been at this bike game. Whatever. No one has ever accused me of being an overachiever. Underaachiever. Yeah maybe a few times. I have a legion of Dire Wolves in skin clothing to thank for my current mtn bike freakout.

Next year the #GETINTHEVAN world tour p/b Zanconato racing is going to be off the hook. This year was all recon and R&D. Next year its gonna be even better. We had a great crew going out to the mountain bike races. Some kicked my ass. And some were the most fun i have ever had on a bike. Mtn bike racing and riding feels like cx used to to me. I guess when you put the rainbow handcuffs on all that awaits you is doom...Don't get me wrong I am still mad for cx but I am going back to embracing it the way Eddy B and the French intended it. As an offseason pursuit. A good excuse to slop around in the mud and snow and mucky muck. To get some intensity in and hang with my awesome teammates. To give cupcake and beer hand ups. And maybe dollar bills this year. Or bacon. Haven't decided which.

The #GETINTHEVAN world tour may have a bit of a Triple Crown added to it. I am thinking of creating a Big Three challenge. Do Singlepspeedpalooza, Stewart 6-Pack and Darkhorse 40. That right there would make for the best mtn bike racing season ever. Sprinkle in all the other crazy races and that is a full summer of gnar.

Hup NE 2012 is looking amazing. Like a family. Well a wolf pack family...The Rock Lobster is ready. Three sets of tubies are dialed. 7 skinsuits in the closet waiting to be unleashed on the unsuspecting. I bug Zank daily to see if I can squeeze in a TIG SSCX bike from him. But I have my 29er. Others are still waiting. So I am ok with waiting til Ice Weasels. It is only right that others get to experience the Valaryian steel that Mike's bikes are....

Hope you all are freaking out as much as I am...see you in the mucky muck...Hup! Hup!

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