Friday, October 5, 2012

Night Weasels Cometh v 3.0

"None of this would be possible without the help of Newbury Comics..." Greg said it best in his exit interview with Ultra Enduryo Dude on Cyclingdirt. NC has backed us for three years. The last two had some epic conditions we had to battle with. And by we I mean all of us. Promoters, racers, Ski Ward, sponsors, volunteers. The NECX makes this race possible. No way we could do this without you all. So the first order of business is THANK YOU. From all of us at Das Weasel Inc. This year was the best Weasel to date. As I was walking through the dark I heard someone say "Weasel satisfaction at an all time high" And they were spot on. This year we brought in our good friend Sara Bresnick and her Pedal Power Training Solutions crew. Sara kept me and Colin on track and brought a real stabilizing influence to the race.

And Newbury Comics what can you even say. They have done soooo much for the NECX. They have backed Night Weasels three in row. They are the best sponsor you could ever hope for. This year they took that support to 11. Brought the P/A, dropped off the barriers, the list is long. They also just bring the radness in spades. Thanks to Roger, Billy, Nick and Tom F.

All these gorgeous photos are by Russ Campbell. They are PROer than PRO. He helped in ways far beyond these great pictures. Not only is he a great photographer he is a race promoter (MRC race in Lancaster) and a cross racer. Everytime I needed him he was there before I had to find him. Spot on. Thank you Russ. Our other Media ringer was Ultra Enduryo Guy. Thom brought his whole Cyclingdirt radness to NW and the videos and interviews he did captured the night in all its grit and glory.

And these two. Ryan Kelly and Greg Whitney. The Chuck D and Flavor Flav of Night Weasels. They have a future. If these two want to be the next Voice of the NECX its theirs for the taking. I am always blown away by how talented my friends are. Not just on the bike but off. They were so PRO. Sure Myerson punched Ryan in the balls for heckling him mercilessly during the elite race about his saddle position but I think it was more a love tap

Hup United's Children of the Night. We had 300 races and a ton of spectators. It was a great night. Thank you to our sponsors and friends: Newbury Comics, Pedal Power Training Solutions, Mad Alchemy, Ryder Sunglasses, Craft, Shimano, Pedro's, Landry's Bicycles, and Ski Ward. They added a beer garden this year and their crew works really hard to set the course. Go out this winter and say hi to them. They would love to see some bikers show up for tubing etc.

This is the only photo here not by Russ. This one is by Matt Roy and taken right after Mo won the Elite Women's race. It was so great to finally have Mo at NW! Made me so stoked to see her hold up that Skunkadellic trophy! Pretty badass that Mo won and that both her bike and the trophy were made at Seven!

Skunk makes some awesome art. Huge thanks to him for making these rad trophies. Lastly thanks to all of you cross fanatics for supporting the NW and coming out and racing!


  1. Bummed to miss it this year. Who doesn't like a good mid-week mudfest and beer!

  2. Chip, you are a hard person to get a hold of! I recently moved from VA to RI. I have been a part of the cyclocrossworld team for some time, but one of the things that I find I lack is the opportunity to be a part of something bigger. One of the greatest things about Hup is the fact that every rider wearing a Hup kit is matter what. At all of the races I enter, Hup is present and the club riders have so much support and camaraderie. I have opined about becoming a Hup member for a while and a friend and ex-Hup member that recently moved to the south hooked me up with his old kits and suggested I contact you. I have not been able to track down your contact info. so I thought I would post to your blog in hopes that you would read it. I want to be a part of a club that is as supportive and positive as Hup...and now that I am local to the New England crew, I would love to meet with others from the club and ride! I will be at the Mansfield Hollow race and I will try to seek you out. As you guys say, "one Hup finds another"