Monday, January 14, 2013


An Open Letter to USAC. Dear USAC Cycling, I am petitioning you to chose Maureen Bruno Roy as a member of the USA Cycling "Funded Team" for the 2013 Cyclocross World Championships. This past weekend at Nationals Mo won the hearts and minds of the fans as she always does at any race she attends. Mo is one of the legends of US Cyclocross. She has been a HUGE part of the growth of women in cyclocross, she has traveled to Europe each season to act as an ambassador for our great sport and knows what it means to race with the Europeans at the highest level of competition. The sport of cycling and cyclocross are at a crossroads. We have had some setbacks the last couple of years from the professional peloton. We need cyclocross and racers like Mo to rebuild our image and to show young racers and enthusiasts how to race, how to be a professional and how to be a great human being.

Maureen and her husband Matt Roy are very unique. They are a powerhouse of social media and marketing. Especially when you consider it is just the two of them. They have represented their sponsors at a level most trade teams can't or won't do. I have personally known both of them for the last five years. I have seen them support all levels of racers and riders and give so much back to the sport of cycling. Mo is an incredibly talented bike racer. I know she will race her heart out at Worlds and make America proud of her and of bike racing. But her racing is only half the story.

We need bike racers who will put a positive image forth for cycling and cyclocross. Mo's positive energy, fighting spirit and support of other racers will make a great story. World's on American soil is a HUGE opportunity for all of us. Mo is a great role model and would help bring so many young women into the sport. I have seen her mentoring first hand in New England. She has taken so many young women under her wing and helped them fall in love with cyclocross. We are seeing huge growth on the women's side of cyclocross here in New England. I personally believe a big part of that is Mo's influence. Having a rider like Mo who is sponsored by an iconic American brand like Seven and an American health food brand like Bob's Red Mill would make another captivating story for this years World Championships.

I would like to put my vote in for Maureen Bruno Roy as one of the discretionary picks for this years USAC World's team. Thank you for your consideration. 

Signed. Chip Baker. USAC member. Hup United NECX team manager. Race promoter. Cross fanatic


  1. hells yah. thanks for writing this chip

  2. It was worth a shot. Oh well.