Thursday, March 21, 2013


Less than a month until the Ronde. Yesterday was the first day of Spring. Right? Winter is never letting us out of its clutches. I have a Valyrian steel blade at the ready for when my neighbors appear at my gate with ice blue eyes...last winter was not a winter. This Winter was legit. Got started late but damn. So yeah the trails are covered in snow. And there is more snow coming. I am sure by the 14th all the snow will be gone. Actually it could make for a pretty rad Ronde if we had to shred some ice and snow. Would be fitting I think. Some big news. One Rosey is being really secretive about the route. Ie he hasn't given me one clue! I asked him mid-way through a ride last week and he just smiled that Cheshire smile of his and said maybe. So for the record I have no idea how the route will go. No one does. This year we all go in blind. No "home field" advantage for anyone. Be prepared for anything.

The next big news is that Rosey and Bob Morgan of Team Awesome have made RdR t-shirts to benefit Bikes Not Bombs! As I am sure you all know we do the RdR as a benefit for BNB. All the money is donated to BNB. The t-shirt looks fantastic. Its pre-order only so make sure you order before April 1st so you can pick it up at the Ronde. I love that he tagged the shirt #GETLOST. That is the spirit of the ride. I know people hate it when they get lost but that is part of the game. You can't ride the Ronde like you are riding Battenkill or Domnarski farm. Oh wait I did almost get lost at Domnarski farm never mind. But you get the point. The Ronde is an adventure. Its an excuse to go check out some crazy trails that you probably didn't even know were in your back yard. Its an excuse to show how you can ride your cross bike pretty much anywhere.

Some food for thought. Like I said I have zero knowledge of the route. But I have been stalking umm checking out Rosey's tumblr, strava and blog. And I am reading between the lines. Barring some change, ie the weather or some act of God dictates a route adjustment expect it to be long. And hard. Some of the new trails if they are the ones I think they are rock. This can be good or bad depending on your perspective. So rules of the Ronde. Stick together. No ditching teammates. Help out other teams as well. I heard last year was less "fun" than previous years. It was fast no doubt. Maybe had a more race feel than some previous versions. So let's bring the funk back to this year's edition ok? I may stash some beers on the course. And maybe some other "goodies" Keep posted I believe #Camelstache is plotting a Rondefoamparty on the Island on the way back to the Tavern. Pick smart equipment. Please...Make sure your bike is working. No slick tires. Or tubulars. Or road bikes. Camelbacks are cool. So are backpacks. Bring a lot of food. Stop and have a pastry. Or a coffee. No need to rush this. Be careful. Respect the other users. These trails are used by lots of people. Share the trails. Be careful on the roads. Oh man I am sounding like a CX Dad again aren't I?

I can't wait to see everyone at the Tavern. I can't wait to see the huge bike pile that always takes on a life of its own at staging. The bike pile at the Ronde is what NAHBS should be. Frankly it is pretty much a rolling version of an #NECX handbuilt show. You have bikes made in New England by the finest builders on the planet just piled on top of each other. Its a sight to behold. I can't wait for that cold beer and burger after a long day out in the woods. That post-Ronde beer at the Tavern is the best beer you will ever taste. Can't wait to see the whole #NECX. The Ronde is a sort of reunion for me. After cross season is over you rarely see all the cool kids. HUGE thanks to Rosey for once again putting this whole thing together. HUGE thanks to Gerry for letting us take over the Tavern and being so supportive. Thank you to all our great sponsors and friends who make this happen.

Speaking of great sponsors and friends. Soulrun are great supporters of cross and the #NECX. They are also bikers just like us. Live to ride and ride to live. Just like us. I asked Laura and Joe if they would add something into the raffle. What they came up with blew my mind! Check out the Belgie Tool Roll they made and are donating to the raffle! Someone is going to be soooo stoked when they win this! HUGE thanks and HUP hugs to Laura and Joe. See you all in a couple of weeks. Get some riding in. Shake out the cobwebs. And get ready to #GETLOST!

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