Thursday, April 4, 2013

Diverged Ride

The Honey Diverged Ride is this Saturday. We will be meeting at the Ride Studio Cafe to undertake a fun adventure winding through trails and lanes surrounding the studio. The ride is a fun way to explore and push what you can do on a bike. All in Honey fashion. For the ride we are asking riders to come with a sense of adventure and either a cross bike or a road bike that can accept big tires. Rob rode a road bike with 28s. He rode everything. He is a very talented rider and has ridden these trails countless times. I rode my cross bike and crashed fairly spectacularly on a few occasions. And had to dismount for a few bridges. Rob rode them. I missed the first part of the ride but Roger told me both Rob and Matt O'Keefe were jumping and hopping at will. The spirit of the ride is fun. And a great way to get out and see what Honey is all about.

We will have two new Honeys to show off. Both perfectly suited to this type of ride. One is the Winterando and the other is a secret project purpose built for D2R2. It will be a treat to see these two bikes in person and in action on Saturday! We will be serving some Honeycentric treats before the ride. If you would like to partake please show up at the RSC early to ensure you have time to eat and get ready to roll out at 10 am. We will be leaving the Studio in waves. Ride leaders will be on hand and it is a no drop ride. If Saturday is anything like today I suspect we will stop at some of the beautiful parks and meadows along the way and have a nice snack break. Or two. This won't be a hammerfest. That is not what this ride is about at all. Its all about seeing what amazing trails and adventure lie literally in your back yard.

Skratch Labs and Chris Plummer were so generous in providing hydration mix for the ride! We have enough mix to fill bottles before the ride and individual samples so you can put a few in your pockets to mix on the route. No one goes thirsty on this ride! Thank you Skratch Labs and Chris!

It was a great day out riding with Rob and the crew. Some feedback from today. I would go with a cross bike. I rode on Mud 2s which are a knobby style tire. And it was great. I will likely switch to file treads for the ride. All the trails are in great shape but there are rocks, roots, bridges etc. SPD style pedals and shoes would be best as we will be hiking over some stuff every once and a while. You won't need fenders but if you like them they can be nice. I would bring plenty of snacks and tubes. We will support each other on the ride but its nice to be self supported as well and is in the spirit of the ride. Again its a zero drop ride. When you are in a group lets all stick together and watch out for each other. There are a lot of turns in the woods so we will need to use a buddy system. Make sure all the riders are together and get through each section before speeding off to the next turn! Lexington and its surrounding towns have some beautiful trails and lanes. I can't wait to ride them on Saturday!

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