Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The Road to Philly (Part 2)

This Friday we are loading up the van and heading to The Philly Bike Expo. Philly came to us a month ago for the Providence CX Festival so it only seems fair we head to the City of Brotherly and Sisterly Love to check out their rich bike scene. Not going to lie there is something about PA bike culture that intrigues me. Can't say what it is. And that is why we are going to do some recon. This will be a "working" trip. Not sure if we will actually be able to ride bikes. Which is pretty ironic in my mind. Heading to a bike show but not bringing my personal bike. I am excited. The Builders Ball in PVD was a blast. I love meeting people and talking about Honey and the sick rides we have been cooking up. And I love to hear about the rides other people have been doing. There is a certain bandit CX race happening Sunday of the show. Hmmm perhaps the show takes a quick lunch break on two wheels. As long as we don't use the actual show bikes and scuff them up it has to be cool am I right?

Ok enough of that silliness. We are bringing three really rad bikes. Not trophy bikes but like all Honeys built for the ride. We are bringing the All Roads that was ridden at D2R2, a sick 29er mtn bike and one of my personal faves the HUP Honey disc CX bike in its Belgian paint scheme. We also will be bringing special limited edition embrocation and chamois cream as well as some fun buttons and t-shirts. Come check us out at the Booth #616. The other order of business is of course to scout out Philly and size up the competition for SSCX Worlds. Worlds are going to be here in a blink of an eye. Its time to ratchet up the focus a bit. To say we have been obsessing over Philly Worlds would be an understatement. I know a bunch of us from Boston will be heading down to enjoy all the shenanigans Philly can dish out. Do we dream and hope that one of the #NECX's own will come home with the tattoo and golden speedo? You are damn right we do. And we will do everything in our power to make it happen. Ok everything except take the race seriously. Because that is not how you "win" SSCX Worlds

To celebrate the last few rounds of the Zanconato SSCX Series as we head towards Philly like some drunk Belgian super fan trying to lurch up some muddied hill to the beer hall we have a few tricks up our sleeves. So here is my challenge to you dear reader.

1.) Follow our travels to the Philly Bike Expo. If you happen to be there come by and say hi. Grab a cool Honey pin or some other cool swag while you are at it. If you can't be there in person its ok we will share all our hijinks with you through the usual channels

2.) Sign up for SSCX Worlds and #GETINTHEVAN. If you are shy about it come to Cheshire CX and see if you can win a free entry to Worlds. What do you mean a free entry? I mean a free entry. And by win I mean someone may offer you a handup during the race. It might be a dollar bill, it might be beer or bacon. Maybe it will be a donut. Or if you are really lucky it will be a Philly SSCX Worlds coozie with my initials on it. If you take that hand up I will pay your entry. And maybe if you aren't an axe murdered you can #GETINTHEVAN with us and head to Philly as our VIP quest.

3.) We have 3 races until the Zank SSCX World Tour is just a memory. Don't miss out on all the insanity. This season has been fantastic. And we have 3 races left. 4 if you count Worlds. Which I am somewhat leaning towards using as the "BONUS" round. What would the bonus round get you? Other than the envy and admiration of all your peers? Double points? Flesh eating bacteria? Zombie pox? Its like a Yankee Swap of SSCX.

4.) To recap. Sign up for Worlds. Get to Cheshire in 2 weeks for MAJOR SSCX radness. A free entry to Worlds will be handed up at Cheshire. Lots of great swag will also be on the line. And we have NEON zip ties!!! There is even rumor of 2 Zank hoodies being offered as prizes. And I guarantee the women will get one of them!

5.) Thank you from the bottom of my blackened heart for making this SSCX season so fun. The series is really starting to gain momentum. Its been so rad seeing more and more people come and race. Tell your friends or frenemies. Tell me or Zank what we can do to make it even more rad. See you in two weeks in CT!

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