Friday, June 20, 2014

Kicking Cancer's Ass...

The framed print below is one of my most prized possessions. In a fire, after I know the kids are out of the house and I have the dog and cat and my wife, I am going back in for this. It was a gift from my good friend Ezra. #12 of 18 prints he made in a series about CX. Its titled "Orange Cone" Which I love! The handwritten note says " To the Cal Bike Guys, Heath and "Chocolate" Chip Baker, if the beer is cold we will race!" And that my friends has been my mantra for 2 decades. Everything and I mean everything I know about CX, single speeds, friends, community and the Biker Life I learned from Ezra and the whole Surf City/Norcal CX Mafia. 

Its been a rough year for my friends. Cars, Cancer. Fuck that. Ezra got a real rough diagnosis a while ago. But he is batting. And doing it with a smile and that style he has always had. One of the toughest and nicest dudes I have ever known. When ever I think of him I think of two things. This print and him chasing me around Watsonville Fairgrounds dressed as the Devil. Ezra needs our help. If you get a chance please check out his page. He is doing amazing. And I know he is going to kick cancer's ass and be back shredding in no time. 

Here is the link to his page Help Ezra Kick Cancer's Ass

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