Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Let's Get Ready to Rumble!!!!

August 1st is right around the corner. And with it your CX wake up call. It is time to get the bikes ready, mess around with gearing and tires. Decide whether you are zip tieing or going dedicated. Get your hand up game strong. You do not want to go into your first race and botch that dollar bill hand up in front of a legion of SSCX super fans!

The 2015 Zank SSCX series is going to be off the charts. We have a couple of new additions as well as the great mix of grassroots races and festivals that we have grown to love. The Zank SSCX series is a true DIY crowd sourced race series. Zank and I are its ringleaders if you will but it takes all of you and the entire #NECX to make all of this happen. Thank you in advance for all your excitement and support.

Just typing this is getting me so stoked. The biggest news we have to announce this year is that our good friend and ex-pat #NECXer Pete Smith of Mad Alchemy with be presenting sponsor of the series.
Pete Smith if you don't know him and his family are 100% New Englanders. They launched Mad Alchemy from their kitchen. Pete and his wife Janet were such a huge part in creating what we know call the #NECX. In Pete's words, "The #NECX is where we cut our teeth, racing week in and week out and slinging product out of the trunk of the car. We owe a great deal of our business success to the amazing scene and the people involved in it. New England is home to us, regardless of our physical address and we're excited to support the New England cyclocross scene and growing SSCX scene there."

Pete and Janet moved to Colorado a few years ago but are still such a big part of our culture. I am personally so stoked to have Mad Alchemy on board. MA has always supported us with the raffles and mentored us when we needed help.

We have some pretty cool things in the works. Look for the Mad Alchemy tent at the races. It will be race HQ for the series. We are working on some collaborative projects. Can you say Mad Alchemy signature Zank SSCX embrocation blend? I like the sounds of that! Hopefully we will have some really cool things to unveil in the coming weeks and months. I can't wait to see all of you and raising the bar for how much fun we can have with the series!

As always this series is about FUN! And growing SSCX. We welcome ALL under our tent and to get in the pit with us. Zip ties are always welcome. Its a big part of how we have grown this series. Not everyone can afford or bring two bikes to the races. Zip tieing your bike can allow someone who might not be able to race SSCX to race with us. Please make everyone feel welcome at all times. Dedicated bikes are great too. As are franken bikes of all kinds. The only caveat is you race with one gear. How you get to that point is up to you!

So without further ado here is the schedule for the 2015 Zanconato SSCX series presented by Mad Alchemy

2015 Zank SSCX Series Presented by Mad Alchemy

Sept 13-Quad CX, MA

Sept 13-Hartford CX, CT - Home of the 2017 CX National Championships!

Sept 19-White Park CX, Concord, NH

Sept 20-Sucker Brook CX, NH

Sept 23-Midnight Ride of CX, MA

Oct 2-Providence Cross Festival, RI

Oct 10-Mansfield Hollow, CT

Oct 11-MRC CX, MA

Oct 17-Hanover CX, NH

Oct 25-Orchard CX, NH

Oct 31-Paradise @ Harpoon Brewery, VT

Nov 1-PUTNEY aka West Hill, VT

Nov 21-Cheshire CX, CT

Dec 12-Ice Weasels, MA

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