Wednesday, September 9, 2015

SSCXy Time

The kickoff of the 2015 Zanconato SSCX Series presented by Mad Alchemy is almost here! This weekend will be opening day for the series and the #NECX. Quad CX has been the opening day for a few years now. It is the first "real" CX race here in New England. No disrespect to any of the races in August. But CX should start in Sept. Sorry but it is the way it is. Back when I first started racing CX out west every Fall was like a CX reunion. We rarely saw other racers during the offseason. Everyone went their separate ways. Its not like it is now. CX is 365 now. When we aren't racing we are riding our bikes in the woods or getting lost on some bizarre mixed terrain adventure race together. But SSCX still feels like a reunion. I have so many friends I am looking forward to seeing this weekend and this season. I know I am going to make a bunch of new friends and frenemies this season as well. That is what honestly keeps me going after all these years in the cross game. I am so stoked it is not even funny. 

But on to some business! Harpoon is BACK as our beer sponsor! They have supported us from day one and I am so appreciative of their support. Mad Alchemy is our presenting sponsor and we have some really cool projects in the works together! Look for the Mad Alchemy tent at Quad. Come by and say hi. Hang out. We will have zip ties for those who want to give SSCX a go or just have room for one bike. We love all bikes. Dedicated wonder bikes, weird franken bikes, and regular bikes locked out to one speed. Please make sure your bike is one speed before we get to the start line. Not that I mind doing a TT back to the van to get zip ties for those that forgot them. But I am old and only have so many matches. We can't wait to race SSCX! Bring all your energy and fun and racing spirit. If you have ideas about how to make the series better we are all ears! We don't really have any rules. Just be nice, race hard, respect your competitors and hug Gewilli.

We have two races this weekend. A few BALLER SSCXers are doing the Hartford/Quad double. Its bold but so are most SSCXers. I considered doing the Landmine/Quad double but remembered I am an old man. I will leave that to the kids. Hartford will be the home to next years National Championships. Consider this a preview! I have heard great things about the course. Quad as I mentioned has held the title of opener of the NECX for a few years now. The Gun Club is one of my favorite courses and Ted and his crew do a great job. One note on the Gun Club. The Gun Club is a private club that opens up its grounds for us dirt bag CXers to race and have a fun day on. They sell beer and food at their grill. NO OUTSIDE beer is allowed. Please do the right thing and if you want a beer buy it from the Gun Club. Not a lot of venues allow us to buy beer and walk around with it. The Gun Club does. Plus I am hoping next year Ted let's us include a bit of a SSCX biathlon into the race. Imagine actually shooting BB guns for points? Yeah I can.

We have two posters that will (hopefully) be available soon. The punk rock inspired one above was designed by Jon Nable. The metal poster below was created by Matt Lolli. I am so stoked on both of them. Look for them at the Providence Builder's Ball in the Zank booth. Can't wait to see all of you on Sunday. If you have any questions you know where to find us. Or hit me at

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