Thursday, October 22, 2015

The Orange Jumpsuit

The orange jumpsuit has a soft spot in my blackened heart. The Three Amigos are a legend out West. Or notorious. Stevil is one of the most talented artists I know. And a true champion of bike culture. He's always been a great supporter of all we do here in the NECX. Which is amazing considering the NECX is probably considered Boulder-lite by many people. We do take our bicycle pedaling contests pretty darn seriously around these parts. But Stevil has always been open to helping and pushing our kind of shenanigans to the masses through his webpage and just being an all-around rad dude who has been an inspiration for most of what I have done over the last ten years living in Boston as it applies to bike culture. 

The other character I know who dons the Orange Jumpsuit on a regular basis is of course Gewilli. These two in some ways remind me of that episode of Star Trek where there are two Captain Kirks. If the two ever met on the world they inhabited the world would explode. I think of these two in the same way. I can't even imagine what would happen if Gewilli and Stevil met. I would pay good $$$ to witness this. Racing against the orange jumpsuit always guarantees a good time. How the hell can it not? Following a giant man in an orange jumpsuit full of pocket beers can only lead to fun times. And chaos. Most of the highlights of my SSCX career include some kind of Gewilli antics. 

So when it came time to do a tshirt for the Zank SSCX Series it only made sense to do it as an homage to the orange jumpsuit. I was beyond thrilled when Stevil agreed to do the art for the tshirt. I was a little worried I might have scared him with my full auto velocb emails. If you aren't used to full auto velocb and my unique kind of radness starts laser locking on your direction it can be a tad overwhelming. But Stevil was a true professional and took my thoughts and created the most awesome SSCX art I could have imagined. It is also an homage to when I was a kid and I worshiped on the altar of Rat Fink and hot rods. 

We will be offering two tshirts. The tshirts will come in orange with black ink and teal with black ink. We will offer both men's and women's sizings. The tshirts are high quality and super comfy. The cost per tshirt will be $20. We will also be offering a limited run of hoodies. They will be black with white ink. The hoodies will cost $40. To order paypal me at In the email or message box on paypal let me know what size, quantity and style you want. And if you need it shipped or delivered. We will hopefully have the tshirts in time for the double VT weekend. 

HUGE thanks to Stevil, Jon Nable, and everyone who always makes SSCX so rad. See you in 10 days in VT. The VT double is going to be bananas. Paradise CX on Halloween and Putney the next day. We have some pretty awesome things cooked up for that weekend. Have I mentioned the Paradise CX race is held right next to the Harpoon Brewery? And we will be having a costume contest? Yeah it is going to be rad.


  1. Regarding the T-shirts - is the art work on the front or back?

    1. Good question. So the art shown above is on the front of the tshirts and hoodies. The tshirts are printed on one side. Just the front. The hoodie has a Z on the back. The Z is our title sponsor Zanconato's logo.