Thursday, December 3, 2015

2015 Zank SSCX Series Raffle

The season finale of the 2015 Zank SSCX Series presented by Mad Alchemy is about a week away! On December 12 Ice Weasels is going down! And a horde of SSCX racers (and Fat Bikes wut???) will be vying for bragging rights and wrestling for handups. I have heard some great things about the course. Can't wait to see what Colin and Thom have in store for us! This year's race will be just that. Not saying it won't also be a rolling party but both the women's and men's overall points leaders are only separated by two points. Its going to be very interesting to see how this shakes out! But one of our long standing traditions of the series is our end of season raffle. Its not any old raffle its the King Kong of Raffles! The grand prize is a custom steel or aluminum Zank CX bike with an Enve fork!

The best thing about the raffle is its FREE!!! You earn raffle tickets for each race you do/did in the series. Each race you enter earns you a raffle ticket. The more you race the more chances to win big! Matt Roy won the bike last year and he only did ONE race! Still can't believe that happened. I think the SSCX gods smiled down on his Walter White costume (and his blue meth -it wasn't real meth - hand downs!) I think we have about a bazillion people registered for the final SSCX race of the season. I suspect mayhem will ensue. Cross Jesus has threatened to take all of our crosses on his back and release us of our burdens. Not sure what that means. I never went to CCD so its all mumbo jumbo to me. I think he means he is giving free piggy back rides up the run up. That is what I am hoping for because I hate runnups. Ok so you get the idea. After the race is over and podiums are awarded we will do our raffle. DO NOT MISS IT!!! You have to be present to win prizes. And we have LOTS of prizes!

A HUGE thanks to all our sponsors. We will have the previously mentioned Zank CX frame and Enve fork up for grabs. We will also have great prizes from: Mad Alchemy, Harpoon, Vittoria, Feeback Sports, PRO Gold, SRAM, and many, many more.

We also have a limited number of our Stevil Rat Fink hoodies and tshirts. The hoodies come in black or orange and are $40, the tshirts come in teal and orange and are $20 each. Both are available in limited size runs. Get one before they are gone!

I can't believe the series is almost over. Thank you to everyone who made this season the best ever. It was literally perfect. We are already looking toward 2016. If anyone has any feedback, ideas etc we would love to hear them. This series is by the people for the people. Its only become what it is today by everyone coming together and making it so rad!

Cheers and see you at Dah Weasel!

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