Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Dirty Pictures

Have had the sola for 2 days...2 rides in 2 days and to be honest I may never ride my road bike again...well I will but its going to be a while...Seven did an amazing job. The boys at Landry's dialed it in soooo perfect. Really ride 1 was a night ride in crazy conditions with a severe lacking of lumens...hmmm what is that shadow ohhh shit...saved by sid, disco brakes and the sola. Haven't even had to adjust my saddle, bars or any other point of that is custom. More details later but I'll state the obvious: SRAM xo kicks ass, disco brakes rule and seven ohh my....

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  1. i'm not an MTB guy, but that thing looks fun fun fun. I'll add that to the list of bikes I dont have but should.