Sunday, July 12, 2009

6 Hours of Pats Peak

The Squadra showed up En Masse to race 6 hrs of Pats Peak...OG Hupster Jimbo has the most awesome mountainside home right on the course! Jimbo and his great wife Gwen hosted us in Grand Fashion! What a homefield advantage..Hup Ne had four 2 man 6-hr teams, one 2-person coed 6 hr team and 2 solo 6 hr teams representing the Hup Bleu. Calling it a Hup-a-palooza would not be far off the mark...great food, great friends, A whole fleet of badass Seven bikes and for the level of suffering one of the most fun days I've had even though my body is so broken even my toes hurt. The pain was so bad on lap 4 climbing a brutal pitch that seemed to go on forever that I seriously thought to myself "maybe I should just get my nipple pierced, that would take the pain away" Not good when a 44 year old man starts thinking of "cutting" type behavior to take the pain away from bike racing...

Shake N' Bake drew the lucky 13 race plates
Graham's sweet Rigid single speed his suspension was 2.4 wtb meaty tires. Coolest guy evah and rode like a Viking..he also helped build my sola...

The Lion roared-Hup went 3rd (Yash and Graham), 4th (Steven and Jeff) 5th (Tom and me) and 7th (Jessie and Robert) Kerry and Jimbo won their division and got paid! As did Yash and Graham! Mike and Justin went solo and are gods...our hosts and support/friends/wives/girlfriends were incredible

It was a bit muddy

Steven rocked Blanco and kept it clean!! How did he do that? He has more Pinache in his pinky than I do in my entire body....


Graham and the ramp of doom!!! What a day. So much learned and experienced. I've said it before but I'll say it again I have the coolest team mates on the planet. Graham rode like a Viking god....single speed rigid and he was flying. The solo guys way I could do that. Every lap I would keep hearing "where's Rosey?" They missed you Scott as did we....Kerry once again gave much sage advice to us neophyte wannabe mtn bikers, I didn't know you could hurt your toes this bad but god do they hurt...The squadra is going to have such an incredible cross season. After this much pain in 6-hrs 45 minutes in the red will seem like a cake walk...Saw lots of old friends, met some new ones lots of Fohu incredible...

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  1. definitely sorry I couldn't make it. Looks like a blast always.

    My dad came to Boston to help me with more kitchen remodeling work. We got the crown molding on our cabinets, new cabinet doors, and a utility sink in place in my bike shop. Unfortunately that meant the whole weekend was spent indoors, not on a bike.