Thursday, May 13, 2010

Spidey Sense

My Spidey sense was going nuts this morning...I just assumed it was wayyy too much coffee or just the usual stress bomb that is my life. I drove up 128 at warp speed to meet up with SBZ and the crew for a Thursday romp through Bedford and beyond and was just buzzing. SBZ is pretty used to my bouncy off the walls act at this point but even she was like "dude chill out what is up?" Weird she didn't offer me any coffee?

I had no clue why I was just geeking out...then as I was crouching down in front of my Sola locking down my sidis it all made sense. The answer was right in front of me. I had a HUGE sidewall tear in my brand new rear Schwalbe Rocket Ron. F'me that tire cost like 75 bucks!

I have ridden it about five times tops. But thank god I noticed it. The tube was bulging through just waiting for that first rock garden to make it explode and make me be "that guy" on a group ride. No one wants to be that guy trust me. I certainly don't So my friends the lesson here is always listen to your Spidey Sense...Always.
Yes that is blood on my crank arm. Fresh blood. But man what a day. I had such a cheshire grin the entire ride. We rode some insane trails. I crashed lots. Most of my crashes involved me crashing into my friends or my friends using their bodies to keep me from breaking bones. Thanks Thom, Jane and SBZ you all are the best. And thanks to the SBZ SSC Maxxis tire! Yes back to the whole point of this post. We did the quickest tire change on the planet in large part to Sara having a basement full of PRO mtb parts! I will also say I like the tire a lot! Way faster than my big fat Schwalbes...and probably a lot cheaper too!
Noir B Sample is in the Haus and it sooo badass! I am going to be living in this kit 24/7. I am beginning to feel more and more like a mtn biker everyday. A few signs that I am becoming a mtn biker are I get sooo annoyed when I have to get off the bike to hike-a-bike! A mere month ago I would be off the bike so fast and up and over an obstacle in a nano-second. And be happy about it. Now its a total defeat when I can't clear a climb or hop a log...I still ride like a Bull in a China Shop but its getting better each and every ride. My fear of wood bridges has also subsided to a deep respect of the elevated planky monster...I might even say I kinda dig the rollercoaster feel of a good wood bridge at this point. Another sign I may be becoming a mtn biker I think about 24 hrs of Great Glen...A Lot...Lumens I need Lumens...


  1. tubes? what? did you say "tubes"? why are there tubes on your mountain bike?

  2. hahaha yes Jerry I do need to get the tubeless setup back up and running....but what would have happened if I had been running that setup tubeless? Be a nasty fix trailside no doubt

    Still amazed that the tire didn't explode when the sidewall was was about a 2" gash the entire vertical length of the sidewall...glad I saw it before the ride...

  3. "The tube was bulging through just waiting for that first rock "

    "The tube was bulging through"

    "The tube was"

    "The tube"

    "The tube"