Saturday, May 29, 2010

Punch the Golden Ticket for Thom P!

If you aren't familiar with the above pinnacle in gonzo-blogging go to Thom's blog and check it out and then come back. Ok back? That my friends is the single greatest example of what the internet is for. Gonzo journalism. Hunter S Thompson would be proud...real proud. In a nutshell Thom's wife and friends used the Breck Epics Blogger grant contest as a way to torture Thom. That post is what he did to get into the race. That alone should be reason enough to send this man to Breckenridge.

But that was all a ruse. The REAL contest is taking place now. The Breck Epic has a facebook poll going on right now. Thom is in the lead thanks to some serious viral social networking but let's be that last Yop that takes it over the top ok? Go to the poll Vote for # 8 ie Thom "Rocky Donizetti" Parsons and make some magic happen.

The premise of the contest is to see who has the best blog. Now I know we all are special little snowflakes and all our blogs are great. But Thom's is better than all of ours combined. And Thom actually does stuff instead of just blog about maybe doing stuff. He was the one who got me to join NEMBA and do a trail day at Cutler park recently, he does countless Bike Rodeo's, coordinates bike donation days for kids who don't have bikes, and is one of the geniuses behind the greatest cross race in all of New I need to even speak its name? Fine. I'll spell it out for you...Ice Weasels. Hands down Ice Weasels is the best cross race in New England and Thom is a big, big part of it.

So take a minute go pop on facebook. Vote for Thom. Think of it as a vote for Thom is a vote for all of us bike freaks in New England. Thom will get out to Breckenridge and rock it. If he pulled a "being Kimbo Slice" just to get to the Breck Epic what shenanigans do you think will unfold on the interwebs once he is out there? I for one cannot even wait. Do it...