Monday, June 7, 2010

And Max said "let the Wild Rumpus Begin!"

The Big Ring Rumpus was a huge hit! Cross racers came out of the woodwork for it. Hup had a great showing. And I'll be honest this cross season is going to be insane. I mean its June and we are on form! And I am not talking about our racing legs. We set up a Hup encampment worthy of Sucker Brook. Granted we were about 5 miles from SB as the crow flies but still. It was great to see old friends, meet some new teammates (Roni and her ice cream truck!) and just get stoked for cross. Everyone did fantastic. Ron Steers won the singlespeed race, Graham Dimmock came in 3rd SS!, Michele Smith got 2nd in women's open cross, JZ got 4th in open cross and Eli, Mattison, Roni and I all had strong races.
How did they know the ribbon should be Hup bleu?

Lucky Socks! All I am gonna say is German or Belgie is now irrelevant these socks give you wings! Pretty much wings of cross course destruction...
JZ rig getting an early season baptism by fire. JZ rode so strong! He held his own with the top two for most of the race.

There is so much right with that photo...IF bike, B sample bottles, OG Noir.
Next up: ThunderCross! What is ThunderCross? Think White Zombie's Thunder Kiss '65 and add cross bikes...yeah that is pretty much what its gonna be all about. Same format as the Rumpus. Fireroad, rippin fast course to get us ready for the early season races. Who is in?