Tuesday, July 27, 2010

For the love of Luna

Cycling is filled with hero worship. We just got through one of the more exciting Tour de Frances in a while and it was a bit of a look into the how's and why's of cycling adulation. Why do we love Andy Schleck but hate Alberto? Has LA grown the sport or killed it? Has the entire PRO peloton ruined our ability to have cycling heroes? I think heroes still exist in cycling. I do I really do. Its been more apparent to me now than ever. What PRO means to me today right at this minute is very different than what it meant to me even a couple of years ago. The biggest hero that came out of the TDF? Jens Voight. Why do we love him? Cause he is tough, he is funny, he is human and he cares. Ok I have gotten way off track here with this post but I swear I am getting to my point.
Do you know what is PRO? Giving back. And caring about your sport. I have been working with the Luna Chix Pro Team a bit the last couple of months on a fundraiser (http://www.bikereg.com/events/register.asp?eventid=11181) Pedro's is doing to support IMBA. The trails matter. Access to the outdoors matters. Racers don't often take the time to give back to the advocacy groups that provide all this access to these amazing open spaces we get to ride our bikes on. We take it for granted. But if you lived through the years when mtn biking was a crime (it still is in lots of places) you wouldn't take for granted the hardwork that a lot of men and women did and do to ensure we can ride freely. Pedro's is proud to sponsor the Luna Team. They are really an amazing group of athletes. And the Pro team is just one part of their greater mission. They have an amazing grassroots team. They support so many ideals that resonate so deeply with us. But back to the team. Partnering with Luna made so much sense. They are a mtn bike team, IMBA is fighting hard for trail access. Perfect.
But usually that is where it ends. But not with the Luna Team. They gave us a great team bike and an autographed jersey. That in of itself is awesome! But when we reached out to Amy Dombroski and Marla Streb and asked for a little more help they didn't even hesitate. I can't say enough about both of these women. They are total class acts and get it. Amy specifically has been so great and hands on about helping out. So here is the big news. In addition to all the great prizes we have to raffle off in our fundraiser thanks to the generosity of the Luna Team and Marla and Amy every person who buys a raffle ticket gets a Luna Team media guide autographed by Amy Dombroski! Talk about awesome!
So basically you cannot lose in this raffle! It is guaranteed. The other big news is we are extending the deadline to September 15th and are in the process of creating a really fun event soon to be announced! Think Beer, Bikes and a certain iconic bike shop on the eastern seaboard.....ok I have already said enough about that.....check out the raffle. Buy a ticket (or two!) get yourself a collectors item from one of the coolest up and coming american bike racers in a long time! Just in time for cross season!


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