Monday, July 19, 2010

JAMing at the JPow Fundu!

Can I call JD and Meg the first couple of cyclo-cross? Maybe I'd get in trouble saying that. First couple of good times on a bike? How about that that is less likely to upset anyone as you cannot argue that a day with Meg and JD is without compare. JD, Meg and Michele rolling!

I offer this photo post for my non-facebook friends. There are a few of them out there. And I for one support their boycott, blackout or what ever you want to call it. In all instances it makes a LOT of sense to stay the hell away from fb. But you miss out on some nice photo updates etc. So my non-fb friends this is for you! All the gorgeous pictures here are from Lyne at Podium Insight! She does an amazing job. And it was the first time I got to meet her in person. What a funny and super smart and uber-talented woman.
Markie Mark shirt flying game face on looking PRO as hell!

Michele Smith smiling through the pain! As much as the Fundu was super fun make no mistake about it it was a hard ride. And I think it caught us a bit off guard at first. Once we realized hey this is like a mini-Rapha ride we got our game faces on and had a great time even with some time in the pain cave

Jabs!!! Does he look like Laurent Fignon here or what? Granted the hair is shorter but still. Great great day riding with Stephen! What a super cool cat.

That is some pig! Alec Donahue and Mukundu Feldmen getting our dinner ready! Thank you to everyone who made this ride happen and thanks to Lyne for the amazing pictures!


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