Thursday, December 23, 2010

Snow Daze

Biking in Winter gets a bad rap. People dread it. People hide in their basements and ride the trainer while staring at a wall...or a tv...or a computrainer. I would rather have every appendage on my body turn into frozen stumps than not ride outside. The winter to me is the most magical season of the year. Yeah it is cold. You need to be sort of smart about how you ride, what you wear etc. It takes some thought. But the rewards are off the charts.
Fresh tracks in the woods are surreal. The woods gets so quite in the winter. Anyone you see is genuinely happy to see you. Anyone in the woods during the winter no matter their reason for being there shares the same spirit. Sliding around on trails that wouldn't even register on your radar during the rest of the year sharpens the mind. You can't be off in another space worrying about your job, your life etc. You have to be present. The second you aren't present you crash. It is a very Zen-like experience
Riding with these boys and Thom Parsons who was off trying to ride off a cliff at the time of this photo was hilarious. These boys all can ride a bike. I mean Greg Whitney literally had to talk me off a ledge a couple of times. But you know what? Between the constant laughing and shenanagins I started to get my flow back on the VTT. Not even close to being a mtn biker but the potential is there.

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