Thursday, December 23, 2010

Bulletin Board Fodder

"He is my number one Crossresults victim. He is not supposed to beat me. In fact, I not-so-secretly consider him to be my Grim Reaper. Chip is a good cross racer but he does not race road and could stand to lose a few kilos (that's free Nega-Coaching there dude)."

Damn that stings but sometimes a rival gives you something a teammate and friend never would. I have had some amazing mentors this last season. Really I have been thinking about just the right way to blog about it....2011 is right around the corner can a negative become a positive? We shall see...McCrazy may be pissed off doing three hour trainer rides hoping for redemption at Battenkill. Redemption from what I don't know but he appears to be on a mission. I guess we are all on a mission as it is the "off-season" No more monday morning "I had a great start but...." Next year's cross season


  1. I've had a nemesis beat me 2x this year, due to mechanicals. I pummeled him in the last race. I'm on mission to never let that happen again...

  2. That's why I posted that up on z blog...I will never forget...time to get to work...

  3. Is it true that any press is better than no press? I think so! That is motivation to do some good battles with your secret admirer!

    I am headed for the first ride in two weeks due to the snow. I hope I remember how to ride my bicycle.

    Take care friend, and happy new year.

  4. Yash you are so right. Hahaha he is just mad I beat him at Putney! Been an amazing season and in Negacoach's own way this is positive feedback. He is Negacoach after all! I am a student of the game if you will and anyone who cares enough to give me the slightest feedback is welcomed.

    I do need to put down on a pad all the great mentoring I received this year. The list is long...and I am hugely thankful for all the help

    Happy New Year my friend! Hope you are well!

  5. Mentoring? HTFU. That is all you need to know.

  6. That is true Jerry! WTF? You didn't give me shit all season long. I mean nothing. What is up with that? Ok maybe you showed me the joys of Land of the Lost and beer drinking but other than that not one usable cross tip. Weren't you Jonathan Page's like roadie or something. Christ where is the love?

  7. Hey, just saw this! Everyone wants to be a Belgian, but nobody wants to go hungry 23 hours a day. See you at Killington, right?