Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Dover Demon

Here I am pictured with my good friend and Pedro's president Matt Simpson. Pete Smith called us Wounded Soldiers. Damn it has been a rough winter for the NECX. It sounds crazy to say we are lucky but we are. In the span of a week four of us ended up in the ER. I feel so bad for everyone who has been hurt. My crash was sooo stupid. It really defies all logic. What makes it even more bizarre is that my crash and Matt's crash happened at almost the exact same time. Just his crash happened in Baltimore and mine happened in Dover. I really have no explanation for my crash.
I blame it on either the Dover Demon pictured above trying to sneak up on PVB. Or on some weird mind meld with Matt. I am pretty superstitious by nature. Its part of having an Irish heritage. I love the Irish but they are crazy. There I said it. But I find it really odd that Matt and I crashed at the same time. I think the night we spent at the Hudson hotel in NYC some crazy black magic must have been performed on us. The Hudson hotel is crazy. Its kind of like Fangtasia in True Blood. I would not be surprised if we were turned that night. Thank god I didn't let the couple who came to our door in around 2 am. I probably wouldn't be out in daylight as we speak.
So while Matt was locking bars in a townline sprint in Baltimore I was crashing on my face on the safest road in Dover. Again either we were somehow linked and when he went down I hit the deck in some kind of sympathy crash or the Dover Demon grabbed my front wheel and smashed my face in the ground just to remind us bikers that the DD is the landlord on those roads. All joking aside heal up my friends. Be safe out there.

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  1. The Dover Demon has not been seen since 1976, but most people think that Leif Hoste is actually the Dover Demon.

    See below

    What made you crash? I was pulling at the front today and was getting ready to pull off, and started moving towards the right slowly when this huge gust of wind pushed me to the side and I almost killed everyone behind me.

    Stay safe.