Monday, April 4, 2011

The Lion Will Roar Sunday

Yes the Flags of Flanders will be all over the course at Paris-Roubaix on Sunday. Will it be another surprise victory like last weekend or will one of the big guns take that cobble and raise it high above his head....hard to say. But when I said the Lion would roar I meant in the NECX. Ronde de Rosey v2.0 is this Sunday. We rode the Rosey pain train for 5 hrs while you were all sipping machiatos and watching Flanders. The course is not one for the weak of body or heart. We were all crushed by the time we got back to Brighton. Even Rosey got all quiet after we hit Wells. When Rosey gets quite your legs are about to be ripped clean off your me on that one.
These two photos of Rosey and Yash are from last year's Ronde. It was a success by any definition. But I thought with so many new faces on the start list we should go over the Rules of the Ronde. Rule #1. If anyone asks if you are on a race the answer is no we are just out riding. Kind of like Fight Club okay. Rule #2. No complaining. That may be the most important rule. This is a bandit/adventure race. Its meant to be fun. If you aren't having fun maybe peel off and get lunch or do some lawn bowling. Rule #3. You will get lost. Racers will get really, really lost. Trust me. They tend to just put there heads down and go really really fast. Guess what the course is marked but this is not a race its almost like orienteering. You need to keep your head up and look for the lay of the land. If you do get lost don't freak out just plot your own course and get back on track. Half the fun last year was seeing all the different Garmin data about the routes people created. If you do happen to find some sweet trails out there please tell us about them so we can ride them later!
Rule #4. No swearing, bike throwing, pushing shoving, menacing or general poor sportsmanship. We will disown you if we here about any of that okay? We are rolling through a lot of conservation land do not yell at dog walkers, drivers, nice old ladies, bird watchers, man rapers and let live or just put on the blinders for this 5 hr ride. What you do in your neck of the woods is your business. Rule #5 Use your head. Kind of like a Zombie attack. Use your head cut off theirs. Kidding. Be safe. Do not cross the yellow line. Pacelining will be key but try and not piss of cars or put yourself in danger in any way. Rule #6. Tip. Tip? Yes at the Washington Square Tavern and Ride Studio Cafe if a nice barista makes you a coffee please give them a dollar. If a nice bartender opens your beer for you at the WST please tip them a dollar. Thank you for that. Rule #7. Ticks suck. I don't want to relive my own personal horror but put some deet repellant on your shoes and socks/leg warmers. When you get home sunday night do a tick check.
#8 Leg warmers. Speaking of leg warmers do the right thing ok. Those knees have a long season be nice to them...#9. Trestle Bridge. It is safe. But back to #5 USE YOUR HEAD. You want to ride it? Fine go for it but its your call ok. I'd walk it. Its over in second a bit of vertigo but thats it. #10. CFR. Cross does indeed F'n Rule. This is why we do the Ronde. Cause you the NECX rule and cross bikes rule. #11. Plan ahead. We do have some checkpoints etc. But you are on your own. The beauty of rides like this is you get to rely on each other. But be smart. Bring a full set of tools etc. Last year we had some great stories of people converting bikes to single speeds and riding the whole course. But they couldn't have done it without tools. Also bring lots of food. 5 hrs is a long time. You need to eat or you will bonk. Bonking sucks. Drinking beer after bonking is just a quick trip to happy nappy land. One PRO Tip. If you feel a stick in your rear wheel stop pedaling. Your rear derailler will thank me.

See you all Sunday! Hup! Hup! A HUGE thanks to our sponsors! Washington Square Tavern, Ride Studio Cafe, Harpoon Brewery, Rapha, Raleigh, Mad Alchemy, Newbury Comics, Zanconato, Pedros, Lazer Helmets, Schwalbe. At the end of the day this is all done as a Benefit for Bikes Not Bombs. All the proceeds from the event go right to Bikes Not Bombs! Thanks for your support


  1. A quick safety note about the Tick Repellent. DEET and some other commonly used repellents do not work well with plastics aka synthetic fabrics like Lycra and Spandex and are not good for your plastic shoes. If you just wear leather shoes with wooden soles and wool tights and socks, go for the DEET. If not? Find something else to spay to keep the blood sucking ticks away.

  2. As gewilli said, DEET is bad for plastics, plastic coatings, synthetics, and sealants. Picardin is a nice non-plasticizer alternative to DEET, that is also effective against ticks.

  3. No painted trees and rocks this year please :)

  4. spray, not spay... although if we could spay ticks that would solve lots of problems. (damn spelling/typing problems)

  5. I remember reading somewhere that the key to culling the tick population is with chipmunks. The idea was/is you put some nasty shit on some cotton balls. The chipmunks bring it into their nest. It kills the larva ticks on the chipmunks and reduces the tick population,

    We are f'd right now. The only good news is that these ticks don't seem to be the Lyme ticks or at least we hope not