Saturday, June 25, 2011

Bikes! Bikes! Bikes!

This Broadway Bicycle School t-shirt makes people LOVE bikes. Seriously. It is now my new favorite t-shirt and is a bit of a litmus test about bikes in my mind. A 70 year old receptionist at my vet started chatting me up about it. Random Barista's, housewives, pizza men, everyone I bumped into had only good things to say about the t-shirt and about bikes. What does that say? It tells me two things. One: Its a rad design. Two: People respond to the Hippier side of bikes than the racier side of bikes. The women at the vet was proud to say the bike was invented in Springflield, Mass. And while I am not sure if that is true or not its amazing that she shared that info with me and had a positive conversation with me about bikes. The times they are a changing.
I have been doing some recon with a good friend lately for a super fun ride that is coming up in August. Put a big red star on August 20th....Cross bikes, dirt, trails, all the sick secret paths, Ronde 2.5 is going to be amazing. 65 miles give or take most of it on dirt. And not just fireroad some real gems. The trails have already been Christened with our flesh. Dorothy followed the Yellow Brick road you are going to want to follow the cockroach...stay tuned...

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  1. I'm glad you like it - I designed it back in 2003. Glad to see it is still in print.