Monday, July 4, 2011

The Tick

Ticks 2 Velocb 0....I am a tick magnet right now. And the ticks they are kicking my ass. I got one embedded in me back in April. Had to have a Dr "remove" it. She gave me a double dose of Doxy and sent me on my way. Its been on my mind as I didn't want Lyme sneaking up on me right before cx season. So I made a follow up appt for when I got back so I could get a blood test. Well the other day while down the Cape I spotted a weird bite on my arm. Then it turned to a bullseye. FML. Great. Nature hates us humans. You can't really blame her. 6 billion people is just too much. She has to fight back anyway she can. And why not use one of your tinyest little servants to take down one of your biggest pests?

I tweeted about it cause that is what we do right? Share. Not ten minutes went by and a good friend reached out and took care of me. The internet rocks. Not even kidding. Dr Feelgood is hired as Team Dr for Hup. His day job may pay better but Hup has its benefits. There are the Hupcakes after all. He is soooo much better than my actual dr its not even funny. And he is not afraid to crack the whip. So the good news? Caught it wicked early. Treating it with antibiotics. Bad news? No beer. Oof. And no sun. No dairy either if you follow the instructions on the meds. And lots of sleep. Wait that whole list is actually a recipe for cx domination. I will become fueled by the power of the Tick this cx season. Sure I am going to have to train like a vampire and stay out of the mid-day sun but I already have a savage tan as it is.

Hmmm the Tick may be the perfect cx superhero. And he does wear a blue skinsuit. Nice.

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