Monday, August 22, 2011

Tour of the Unattended Stage #1

That man can lay down some Watts!!! Matt Simpson and I rode out together to do the first stage of the Tour of the Unattended. Stage #1 was the Dover TT. A 20 minute rolling loop. I am not a time trialer. Matt and I went out and did it Cannibal style. But this isn't a normal TT. It is hilly. It has some technical bits. You could get Shlecked really easily if you aren't on top of your game. It was a gorgeous day out. Matt gave me two minutes as he wasn't familiar with the course at all. Luckily he caught me right after the most technical turn so he could see how it was. It was actually pretty bad. 180 with a ton of leaves and sticks on the inside. He slapped me on the ass as he went by. For a second I thought I could keep him in sight. But it was an illusion. He was gone! I tried to keep the pedal on the metal but my legs were toast. I came in wayyy too hot at the end trying to carry some speed and flatted my rear tire across the train tracks. My time was an unimpressive 21 minutes. My garmin was acting up and missed a bit of the mileage out of the start house. The timer worked the whole way. Matt ripped an 18:41. Don't think anyone is beating that.
We bumped into Patria and David from the Ride Studio at the Dover common. We were all laughing and smiling at the fact of being out on a sunny monday doing a TT for a stage race. We talked about bike doping as I fixed my flat. I am seriously undergunned for this TotU. I mean seriously. I am now accepting deep section wheels and fast bikes. I will pimp the hell out of your brands....well say really nice things about them anyway. I am kidding. Kind of. My bike is awesome. Its the motor that is maybe lacking

We rode back towards Wellesley with Patria and David. It was so nice riding with people I have met before but never had the chance to ride with. Umm I don't know Patria that well but she is really, really strong. She was hammering the little risers that we were rolling up and descending off them like she had stolen something. I think she had to get back to work to be honest.
It was a great day out there. The TT hurt like hell. Riding with friends was as always the best. Matt and I stopped at a lemonade stand and got free double stuff oreos with our purchase! That my friends is winning. So I apologize in advance. Matt wasn't really planning on doing this and now he is all in. I see no way he doesn't crush us all. But he is such a nice guy I am ok with that. Plus it means I get to ride with him all week!
What a fantastic idea this is. I am actually shocked no one has done this before. Like we weren't crazy enough about riding our bikes. Now we are focused on this challenge for a solid 5-days! Tomorrow is Stage #2 the CRW Hanscom loop. Its going to be a good one. I am taking the 25s off and putting some fast rubber on for this one. And if its as sunny as today wearing full blanco!

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