Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Mud Flaps are nice

Lot going on in my little world. Cross season is ovah. Officially with World's last weekend. I missed the best party in the whole NECX but I had much more important things to take care of. That is how it goes. The weather has been crazy this winter. So I have been riding. Lots. And have cleaned up my act. Not gonna go into details but we have what you would say a family crisis going on with my moms. Or wake up call. Its working out well. As best as you can hope for in these situations. When you walk through the doors of Dana-Farber it changes you. My mom is ok. But what always amazes me is that my family rallies. Big time. We may all be batshit crazy Irish Townies but I will tell you what we come together. That was driven home from day one by you guessed it my mom. So let's say its made me focus. Big time.
Not gonna bore you with the details but its a bit of a cleansing going on. I have been lucky to have some amazing conversations with some good friends. And have been on some great rides that have really helped me focus. I consider myself pretty Zen or Buddhist. Or maybe a Hybrid. I am spiritual. I am not going to shy away from it. I pray. Nightly. I pray at the start grid of every race. Every mini-epic. Its in my DNA. But I always felt I was pretty cool with death etc. But I have been hit with this news about my mom hard. So its time to really peel back the bullshit. Take away what doesn't work. Chose health if you will. You need to be healthy and strong for others not just yourself. So that is the journey I am on right now. Its funny really. Cross may not be "healthy" for me. Its true. I come into cross season lean and tanned. I come out 10 pounds heavier and bloated. Blame it on the beer and cupcakes. Who knows. So some big changes. Beer is out. Booze is out. Soda is out. Shit. This is not going to be easy. But it has to happen
Ryan Kelly hit the nail on the head. But I will agree to disagree on the alcohol. It can be fine for most people. But please I am Irish. As Brett Favre once said I am not a good drinker. It sneaks up on me sometimes. So for now we put that part aside and focus on the positive. I have some amazing friends. Actually we all do. That to me is one of the most incredible pieces of this NECX puzzle. A huge thanks to everyone who checked in on me or asked me to coffee or let me ride with them. Its really helped. Speaking of riding. I am a Strava addict. Its weird. Its not the data itself. Or the KOMs or anything. I just like that it gives you these challenges. And you can see what everyone else is doing. For me who is pretty much uncoachable. Well. Totally uncoachable. It gives me a goal. What is that goal. Ride. And ride lots. We will see how that strategy pays off. I think it will pay off big time
Body is a wreck after riding 5 days straight last week. Got about 160 miles in. That is pretty sweet for January in New England. Plan is to surf this wave of Global Warming til the next mini Ice Age kicks us in the nuts.

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