Thursday, March 29, 2012

Bonzo's Rules

If it moves. Smash it. If it doesn't move. Smash it. Bonzo is of course John Bonzo Bonham of Led Zeppelin fame....I forget where or when that got etched in my brain. But its been coming to the surface right now on so many levels. I have been smashing my bikes. My friends have been smashing their bikes. And I am moving from what was in my mind a cross mindset of getting off the bike and running obstacles to trying to ride them. And more often than not its resulting in me either a.) smashing my bike b.) smashing myself c.) smashing into said object or d.) all of the above in no particular order.
But all this smashing is beginning to result in some smoother riding. That seems counterintuitive. But I am beginning to see some improvements. I am almost able to use some body english to get over stuff without smashing my rear wheel into it. Mtn bike racing begins this weekend at Hopbrook. Its going to be a new chapter. I have never raced mtn bikes in the NE. A whole lotta the NECX is piling in my van and heading south Sunday. I am pretty stoked to say the least.
The Ronde is in two weeks. I am beginning to freak out about it. Not because we have so much to do or it stresses me out but because it is feeling like its going to be one of the best Ronde's ever. So many people are coming into town to ride it. So many of our friends who we haven't seen since last cx season will all be together to get lost in the woods, shred the gnar and then hang out at Washington Square Tavern and drink beers, talk story and eat cupcakes. Oh man that reminds me I need to order Hupcakes!
I finally finished watching season one of Game of Thrones. I think that has me thinking of Bonzo's Rules a lot right now. That show just hits me to the core. A lot surely has to do with as Joseph Campbell termed "The Power of Myth" I have Anglo-Saxon mythology so deep in my DNA. So many crazy Irish women in my life. And I wouldn't have it any other way. The show is fictional obviously but so much of our Mythology is fiction. WINTERISCOMING my friends. I hope you are ready.

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