Wednesday, March 21, 2012



This is a public service announcement for all of those doing the Ronde. Bring a chain tool. A good one. I now will never leave the house without my crank brothers multi tool. Ever. I love that thing. It is now going to be wrapped in a velvet blanky and put to bed with a kiss every evening in the mancave in a place of honor. It saved my ass today. I took the long way home after dropping off the man van at the car dealership. I was having a great ride. I always thought I was smarter than other people who ripped their rear derailler hanger off their bikes. I thought you just have to be in tune with the bike, be the bike all that hippie dippy bs. Well I was literally Just Riding Along when BOOM. Ripped right off the hanger.


I was 5 miles from home. No way I was walking. No way was I calling anyone to get me as they would never have found me. The last time I did this Matt Aumiller had to push me all the way home. After that day I refused to ever let that happen again. So I got to work. I found the magic gear and blam brand new Rock Lobster singlespeed. I rode home! I was sooo stoked to have been able to figure out how to fix it, it didn't even dawn on me to be bummed. But be warned. Deraillers will be ripped off. Lots and lots of them. Bring a chain tool Be prepared to make a McGyver singlespeed in the woods.

Where do you put all that cable?

The woods are incredible right now. So dry and fast. 3 weeks and we are riding all the trails! Hup! Hup!

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