Monday, September 3, 2012


What an amazing summer. But its over. I went for a Labor day ride on the singlespeed and it was confirmed. I saw a Woolie Caterpillar, leaves were just turning in the woods. It was almost cool enough for arm warmers. Been off the ss mtb for a few weeks. CX has taken up most of my attention. The well documented switch from Campy to SRAM Red elicited some pretty funny reactions. I got a few "you are dead to me emails" and the look on poor Andy Ewas face at Blunt park was priceless. I believe his words were "you disgust me..."

I will say I have been digging it. So nice. Very similar to Campy. And the gear ratio 44/36-12-28 compared to 44/38 13-26 is a nice change. The SRAM drivetrain makes a lot more sense for cx and for trail riding. One problem if you want to call it that with SRAM (and Shimano) is there isn't a quick release at the lever for the brakes. Made setting up my Paul's cantis so much easier. But I found this little gem. Rick Hunter makes a custom barrel adjuster just for Paul's brakes. They are so easy to set up and work great.

With cx its always the little details that make the bike go from good to great. Next weekend kicks off the Zanconato singlespeed cx series. Two races. BOB on saturday and Quad on Sunday. They are both going to be awesome. You know the deal. Show up either with a singlespeed or let us zip tie your levers and voila you are racing a ss! It really is a blast. Top 3 in both men's and women's race win six packs of High & Mighty beer. This year we are picking a random winner at each race to win beer as well. Come out and race or heckle. Or both...

So much going on right now. Fall is my favorite time of the year. Stoked for cx but I can't stop, won't stop riding the singlespeed 29er in the woods. Today's ride was so surreal. You forget just how amazing the woods can be. And cross helps ss mtb just like ss mtb helps cx. I felt good on the bike. The fear wasn't as present as some other days. I still laugh when I get to this one rock drop off in NTF. I can still hear resultsboy yelling up at me as I sat perched at the top thinking go, no go...his words " I can smell the fear from down here" may have been the best heckle of the whole summer.

See you all in four days. Hup! Hup!

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