Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Killer Bs

"I bomb atomically, Socrates philosophies and hypothesis can't define how I be droppin these mockeries, lyrically perform armed robbery" Every time I think of the Killer B's I think of the Wu Tang's Triumph. The video gets me going. Perfect soundtrack for cx. I am a Battle-scarred Shogun at this point been a bit chewed up and spit out. Been a crazy season. So many of us dinged up or worse. Can't even put my finger on it. But the Killer B's has been one of the highlights of this trip through the meat grinder that has been this season. But cross like life isn't all sunshine and rainbows.

The 3s are no joke. It is easier to race 45+. I am probably the oldest dude racing 3s. At Putney the reg lady didn't really want to let me do it but what ever. I am a 3. No law against it. I am not saying 45+ is easier like I would do better. That is crazy talk. I am always gonna be a mid-pack slightly overweight cx fanatic. Ok maybe I could win the 4s. If I started at the front and didn't do anything stupid. Actually who are we kidding. It is physically impossible for me to not do anything stupid racing cross. So maybe top ten in the 4s ; )

So why take the harder path? And why is it harder? There have been some classic moments this year. Staging up at Midnight and seeing the far away look in the eyes of the Threshold team. They looked like we were about to fast rope down into a zombie apocalypse. Ok they called it. As not 5 minutes later Cosmo was in the fetal position trying to not get run over by 100 screaming visigoths. Masters get angry and do mean things. 3s shit just happens. Sure some elbows get thrown at times etc, etc but in general the 3s are a pretty nice bunch. The stuff you hear in a masters race you can't unhear. These dudes have real jobs right? Or maybe they all work as contractors so its probably just man talk. But the real reason I race 3s is that picture above. Damn. That is a good looking bunch. Racing with my mates has been insane. Its been the best part of the whole season. They are a class group I will say that. Tough. Race with class and style. Push me. Back me up when the shit hits the fan. Love them and am so thankful they let me have this mid-life cx crisis.

But back to the nuts and bolts of it. 3s are fast. From the front to the back. The rub is if you get back in the "No Fun Zone" you have dudes with tons of fitness but zero skills. Masters have lots of skills or maybe lots of fear so don't do stupid shit but a similar fitness band. I had hoped to be able to test this theory one last time at Warwick. I love NBX. Snow is falling right now. Probably won't be any on the ground at NBX but it sets the stage. That course is a classic. Lame word but in this case so true. The woods. The beach runs. The crazy barrier placement. I have had some battles at those hallowed grounds. But my crankle is still f'd. Running in sand is not an option. Not going to complain. So many of my friends are a mess right now. Matt. Rick. Aumiller still isn't 100%. Its nuts. But we have Ice Weasels. That will be worth it.

Ok enough of this doggy downer. Lots happened since I last checked in on this here blog. We found a new DS at Lowell! So I cracked my tibia the weds before Lowell doing stupid shit on the mountain bike. David Deitch. Or double D as I like to call him stepped up big time. He didn't even hesitate. I went down and he took the helm. He proved himself a worthy Capo. That is without a doubt. When I saw the team at Lowell I was blown away by how smoothly the Death Star was running. Yes I snuck out. How could I not? Pam took Zoe to Breaking Dawn so I took Syd to the "park" Sure the Park was 40 minutes away and a cx race was going on but still. Syd had a great time. Loved it. She asked me if kids got to race. Oh yes they do. The big man had his waffles and she got cake. And she got to play with all the kids of the NECX on a legit playground. Win. Win. I think Rosey liked how David ran things better than my usual white trash trailer park. So we have the future. And/or my new right hand in the cx game. I am getting old. I can't do this forever. Lowell was as always like a Verge race without the inflatables. 500 racers. Great course. And watching everyone out there flying around almost brought tears to my eyes. The team has never been better. Hup is on a roll right now. Seeing some things I never imagined we would pull off. Such a great crew.

After Lowell. Andy put on his annual Waffle Cross. This year he moved it to Cutler. Perfect. It is a way better spot than Elm Bank. I got a call from Nick right as I was about to head to Maine. I swung down and said hi took a waffle handup and headed off to Thanksgiving. Andy has built something really special. Love how he has been the driving force for so many cool things in the NECX! Next year I get to ride it!

Sterling happened this past weekend. And brought some incredible joy and some more carnage. The whole NECX has rallied around our good friend Cait. She is fighting through her own battles right now. And as I was reading reports of the race Gewilli posted this. I was blown away. Geekhouse printed up decals and racers put them on their bikes in support of Cait. So awesome. Cait is so loved. And she is tough as nails and has an amazing spirit. It is what the NECX is all about. Be there for each other. Pick each other up. Trust. Faith. Spirit. Strength. Beauty. Not sure what the rest of the season holds. Pretty much over for me. Well it was 2 weeks ago. I knew it was when I crashed. To all my friends who are dinged up or battling back. Heal up my friends. We are here for you. Its what we do.

Ice Weasels will be something special. The Death Star and Waffle Cross are banding together. What this will all mean? I have no idea. But I know it will be rad.

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