Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Winter is Coming

Winter is Coming. Saturday felt like we had gone deep over the wall looking for the Free Folk. My hands were frozen stubs by the time we got to the Island and Dr D snapped this photo. But there is no whining in Winter. Frankly there is no whining or crying in mountain biking. So I just put my hands under my arm pits and smiled. Two turns later on the Islands sweet goodness and I forgot all about it. By the time we got to the pump track I was actually slightly overheating. DD was there as adult supervision. He is wise to my tricks by now. No one died on the ride. It was close a few times. Charles almost freaked out on the boardwalk but kept it together. We didn't have fresh tracks but it was close. The snow set up perfectly and the woods became a pump track

The Wilcox paid me a visit on Friday. Dropped off some nice swag from Broadway Bicycle School for the finals of the Zanconato singlespeed series. What a great season. So many cool races. The overall winners are pretty much set. And they will be getting some killer trophies. The rest of the podium will get signature Zank SSCX pint glasses! And of course everyone who raced gets a ticket to win the Zank team tig frame. We have some great prizes. We will do the flash mob raffle right after the sscx race at Ice Weasels. Come to the Hup tent. You know you are feeling lucky!

Beaver shot out at Millenium park. Busy little creatures. They carved up maybe 7 trees along the Charles.  I love Winter riding. Everything slows down. No bugs. You don't die from heat exhaustion. No dust. It might be my favorite time of year.

Hup! Hup! We stopped at the pump track. And dropped into the big berm out at Millenium. The beavers aren't the only ones who have been busy in the woods. Cutler is really starting to take shape. I am super excited about 2013. I think we are going to turn it into a legit riding spot

Snow boner. There was just enough snow to make it interesting. My #crankle held up. We took a cool reverse loop out past the VFW parkway. I actually hopped some logs which is a good sign. Frankly I think it means I am 100% back in action.

The Wilcox had his new team bike with him on Friday when he dropped off the prizes. Beautiful. I love that each team bike reflects its rider. This bike is so David. Full PRO race bike but it also has all the details for commuting and urban assault.

There is some serious bling on that bike! Only took a few spy shots. We will do a full #bikeporn photo shoot of it soon. See you all at Ice Weasels. Season is almost over. Saturday we finish up in style! Thank you to all the sponsors who backed the Zanconato singlespeed series! High & Mighty beer, Boloco, Zanconato Custom Cycles, Newbury Comics, Mad Alchemy, Smithers, Lazer, The Wilcox, Broadway Bicycle School, Vittoria, Castelli, NEA and Andy Ewas, Ortleib, Derek Griggs, Matt Lolli, all the promoters, all the racers. Thanks for keeping cyclocross weird.

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  1. Trophies???? I still don't have my trophy from LAST year ;)