Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Good Will Hunting

Strava is not a race. No ONE thinks getting KOMs (or QOMs) is racing. No one. I know this is hard for you Type A road racers who see road racing fading into the sunset with 26" mountain bike tires to accept. Its tough to see the Fundo numbers or Tough Mudder numbers and compare them to a road race. It has to be demoralizing to think people would choose fun over such a serious pursuit as winning a road race.

Strava is a carrot. It is for bragging rights. Oh gasp, and dare I say it, its for fun. We have been hunting for the above KOM for about a year. Will Crissman OWNs all the KOMs around here. He will go out and shatter that in the next day or two. I guarantee it. But it motivates us. It brings us together. It gives us a goal on an otherwise solo ride. We don't scream STRAVASEGMENT at other trail users when we think we are on a segment. We know the deal. And ride safe and push ourselves. And hope that one day we will get the lines down and push the pain away enough to bag one of Will's KOMs even if its only for just a day. Or Two....


  1. Why did you crop me out? Oh..cause I am only 6th....

  2. DJ Roberto!!!!! You can haz the climbing KOMs!!!!

  3. Got an earful about how much Strava supposedly sucks from one of the BH marshals on Sunday after he saw their logo on our kit. In the same breath also revealed that he does radonnées.

    :: shrug ::

    Sure, like with alcohol, SOME people abuse it and allow their worst instincts to take over but that doesn't mean the rest of us can't have fun with it.