Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Ticket to Ride

So things have changed up a tad around here lately. I have "un-retired". Don't call it a comeback. My love of bikes has never waned. I always was up for helping friends with any bike related project that they threw my way since I have been home. 

Looking back at some of them I kind of crack up. Did I really think I could ride to Washington? That was nuts. But I have had an affinity with Honey Bikes for the last three years. Working to develop the first HUP Honey was a blast. When we relaunched the HUP Honey this past winter it awoke a real passion in me. I love working championing a brand I believe in. So without going into too much detail I am now working for Honey Bikes. I am super stoked to say the least. The bikes resonate with me on so many levels. I am really excited to push myself with this project. 

What is Honey? Honey Bikes is a Boston-based bike company. We manufacture all our bikes by hand and to order in the U.S. Honey specializes in uniquely designed specialty bikes, with a focus on pure riding. 

With cross season right around the corner it made sense to do a CX promotion. I know too well how much scrambling goes on each season to get equipment ready. A few years ago you were fine waiting until August 1st to even think about CX. Not any more. You need to get on it at the latest by July 1st. June 1st for me is the start of the build up. Start running, start getting more serious about fitness. Lose any extra LBs. Still have fun but move towards being ready to go by August 1st. At Honey we thought why not help out and offer a race ready bike that is delivered by August 1st! Great idea right? All you need to do is get your order in to us by June 15th.

To check out the offer go to Honey Bikes 

We have some really cool incentives as well. In fact we will PAY you to race cross. How sick is that? 

For the Cross is Boss project we’re offering a choice of one of three additional benefits - as a thank you for racing cross! 

Option One: A Limited Edition Honey jersey, in partnership with RaphaPerformance Roadwear. 

Option Two: A tin of Limited Edition Honey Medium-Heat Embrocation, in partnership with Buckler Embrocation, and a subscription to Cyclocross Magazine.

Option Three: Let Honey sponsor you! We will pay for three cross races of your choosing for the 2013/14 season!


  1. That's a nice post-retirement job! Maybe I will be so lucky a few years down the road.