Friday, November 6, 2015

Sponsor Spotlight

I can't believe this season flew by so fast. It is how CX season is every year. We wait for it and prepare for it and then boom! Its here and its full gas for three months and then its ovah! We have a solid 5 weeks left. Two great Zank SSCX series races on the calendar. Cheshire on Nov 14 and Ice Weasels on Dec 12. Both the men's and women's overall standings are so tight its going to come down to the finals. This has been the closest the series has ever been in the overall standings in five years. Do not miss either of these races! The fun is just about to kick into Warp Factor 11. Today's post is titled Sponsor Spotlight. And for good reason. We are so lucky to receive so much love from our friends, sponsors, racers and promoters. This series literally could not happen without a collective effort. I want to personally thank everyone who has come out and raced, promoted a race, taken photos, sponsored the races, heckled, cheered, worn a costume or just in general championed this grassroots SSCX series and turned it into something really special. This season has been a HUGE success. I have never seen anything like this. Hugs and high fives to all of you!

I would like to point out a few sponsors and friends who have really done so much for us this season. First of course is Mad Alchemy. Pete and his family are from the NECX and were a big part in building this community we now have. They still are a huge part of the NECX even if they now reside in Colorado. Mad Alchemy stepped up this season and became our presenting sponsor. They have always supported all our races and rides in the NECX. But to become presenting sponsor and support us on a large scale like they did this season means everything. The limited edition NECX blend is fantastic. The aroma of maple and the warmth it gives your legs (and back!) on a cold rainy day can not be measured. Walking through the pit and smelling maple embro at Providence brought a smile to my face. Mad Alchemy not only makes great embro but chamois cream and some of the most stylish socks in the bike game. 

Harpoon. What can I even say about Harpoon. Love Beer. Love SSCX. And they do love CX. We have had podium beer as part of the series because we want to always remember we do this for fun. Harpoon is one of the most supportive sponsors I have ever worked with. They love to hear about the races and hear about what beers everyone is enjoying. Having one of the series races next to the brewery in Windsor, VT takes the whole relationship to another level. Paradise CX frenzy is one of my favorite races of the season. Harpoon not only makes great beer but they are great people. A huge thank you to them for always being so supportive.

Woodshed Roasting Company is a new sponsor. Our good friend and supporter Eric Lovering introduced us to them this season. Their Zanc Series blend is fantastic. A medium-dark roast that gives you just the right go to get out and shred on the SSCX bike.

Resultsboy may not race SSCX but he was one of the first promoters to include a SSCX race in his race. Colin, Thom and Kevin basically invented SSCX in the NECX. Ok they didn't but it was at Ice Weasels where Zank, Jerry and I cooked up this unholy idea. And we just ran with it. Colin has always been a huge help with the series. Specifically, using his results mojo to tally series points and give us weekly and timely updates on how the points race is shaking out. A huge thank you goes out to that man and his crew. Thom P and Kevin deserve high fives as well. Thom's Dirtwire coverage of the series has been critical in showing off just what we are doing. Sure my interviews always look like I am huffing too much Mastik one but my ADD is sometimes hard to corral. Especially at a cross race.

Some shout outs for some individuals is in order as well.  Like I said earlier this series cannot happen without the help of so many people. We have a long series with 12 races. Its virtually impossible for me or Zank to be at all 12. Lesli and Kevin have been dragging the HUP Death Star (and new this year Mad Alchemy tent!) to the races for a few years now. Its not easy setting up shop and being the ringleader but both of them do it so well. And they both never hesitate when I text them or email them and ask for help. They both kick ass and have done so much for the series and the team. Hug them and high five them next time you see them.

And what to say about the dude picture below? This is why I LOVE cross and will never retire. You meet people like Eric. And make friends and do crazy ass rides and become closer than you could with a person outside of cycling. I just don't think there is anything like the friends you make on the bike. Eric Lovering of Chainline Cycles has been a great friend, spokesperson and sponsor of the series. He and his crew have jumped in with both feet and have brought so much to the series and our little band of hooligans. I love racing and riding with that dude. And I think him and the whole Chainline crew for all their support this season. 

As a side note we still have a limited number of Zank SSCX series hoodies and tshirts. The hoodies are available in black with white ink or orange with black ink. Both are super comfy and cost $40. We have tshirts in orange and teal. The tshirts are available in unisex or women's sizings and cost $20. For more info or to purchase one before they are all gone email me at or look for us at Cheshire and Ice Weasels.

Again I want to thank each and every one of you for being so rad and giving SSCX a shot. It is a blast. I hope to see a ton of you at the next two races. Ice Weasels is going to be at a new venue this year. Its a tradition. Never race Ice Weasels in the same spot two years in a row! This year it will be at Riverpoint in Warwick, RI. I hear great things about the venue. Looking forward to getting my jungle cross on at the next two races! Cheers VCB

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