Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Two Points

Two points are all that separate the overall leaders in the mens and womens fields in the 2015 Zank SSCX series. It is all coming down to two races. Cheshire on Saturday, November 14th and Ice Weasels on Saturday, December 12th. To say I am excited is an understatement. Three HUP are right at the top of the overall. It shows just how committed to SSCX HUP is. Really looking forward to seeing how this all shakes out over the next two races. I don't think we have ever gone into the finals without the series decided. This may make for a very different SSCX race at IW. Usually IW is just a keg party where a SSCX race breaks out. I suspect the top racers will have to forgo the Flabongo's and cupcake handups and be all business at the front. We can still party at the back of course.

SSCX is alive and well here in the #NECX. Not only do we have the Zank SSCX series but we have local promoters adding SSCX categories to their races. Respect to them for including SSCX into their races. The local grassroots race scene has been so great this season. Its always nice when new races pop up and others explode. Grassroots racing is why the SSCX series was formed. We really wanted to support and champion the grassroots races. Each series race has become a mini-handmade bike show. So many cool handbuilt SSCX bikes showing at the races. I am obviously biased but this latest bike Mike Z built for Lesli Cohen is amazing. The pictures don't do it justice. The paint is a Bass Boat green with gold metallic flake.

The parts and build selection are spot on. The gutted Campy levers have such a nice feel. Paired with Paul's cantis the stopping and modulation is phenomenal. Tubeless setup up from November and signature purple Endless cog and ring.

 As stated before Lesli has been so integral in growing the series. She races so hard but also always takes the fun factor up to 11 at each race. Hopefully see a ton of you at Cheshire. And I am personally really looking forward to Ice Weasels at Riverpoint. I do love Jungle Cross and I have heard Riverpoint is legit. Thanks again for a great season of SSCX. The raffle as always will be held at the finals at Ice Weasels. If you are new to the raffle or series each race you enter earns you a raffle ticket. We have great prizes to raffle off. The Mac Daddy of all raffle prizes is of course a custom made Zank frame!

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