Saturday, March 21, 2009

Hup Hardman Ride

The Hup Hardman ride season has begun. The Katsumi Classico lead by the Nh Cross Mafia was a roaring success! No mechanicals, an epic ride, broken bodies but lifted spirits. This was one to build on. A BK simulation with heavy dose of Pain....Riders rode like angels pushing the pedals up the Poggio...Big Tom 
and Ronnie led an ardous yet incredible route filled with muddy climbs, brutal walls of pavement and high speed descents. All rode like men (and woman!) possesed. We will all triumph at BK no matter the final placings!


  1. I know I'll regret saying this as you kick my ass this Fall, but....VeloCB looks a little, uh,

    I so know that I'm going to regret this comment.


  2. Nice post Chip! I like the group shot of us on either Morse Rd. or Hurricane Hill. Great time riding with you, we'll do it again soon.