Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Orange Crush

My hupmate Jeff was able to get me a Fizik antares tester. Fizik put together a fleet of orange tester saddles this year to help pick the right saddle. What an awesome program. I have been eyeing this saddle for a while and curious to see how it rode. I might add that the orange is fantastic! I think they could market this color and design and people would love it! Could be the new white...The most important bit is how did it ride. I only got about three blocks on it. Had to turn back and switch back to my arione...I will say this though, for such a minimalist saddle the antares was comfy. The biggest issue was that it didn't give me a platform for my sit bones to rest comfortably on without rocking. 


  1. Can I give it a little test? Would look awesome on the ZANK or the Hampsten.