Monday, March 23, 2009

Hup Sola design ideas

Need to get a plan for the paint on the Hup Sola Mtn bike...want it to be classic, Hup Noir Inspired but unique also. So many influences...hard to be unique. Might just give the painter a Noir jersey and light some votive candles and see what she comes up with...
retro-tech classic
super dario
Vanilla Townie

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  1. Chip, I love how every single post has had Hup blue in it - see if you can keep it up!

    My favorite design element of the Hup motif is the set of blocks. While not NOIR, I wonder if they could effectively worked in...

    Also, I saw a shot of your Sycip road bike in blue - so nice! That ride this weekend looked like a great one, wish I could've made it.