Monday, October 5, 2009

The Best CX Tailgate Evah!!!

Hup Director of Hospitality @ the start line happy that in 2 short hrs he'll be eating smoked turkey and bacon!

Hup had a plan for G-star this and utter domination on the race course? Sure that is nice and all but what people really remember is a good party right? The answer became oh so clear a week ago at Blunt...Tailgater! G-star was the launch of the Hup tailgater v 1.0 it was a HUGE success thanks to so many people. But Hup Director of Hospitality Eli Levine deserves the biggest shout out! 

My god the man took my mere suggestion of tailgater and cranked it up to 11! I get the feeling he's done this before. At 6:45 sunday am I got a call on my cellie. He was telling me he got THE SPOT! and oh did he! 100 yards right below the start/finish area on a grassy knoll overlooking the entire lower half of the venue! 

To top it off he brought a weber grill on which he roasted/smoked the best turkey I've ever tasted in my life. Kudos to Eli and so many others that were a huge help. It was awesome to see so many friends with their families just hanging out having fun. Gretchen made a Fab cheese cake that was consumed in record time! 
Rosey's post race recovery smoked terdurken!

We had some visiting dignitaries of epic proportion! One Maxwell Kullaway, OG Hupster, former Seven frame builder extradonaire and now of 333Fab fame, flew all the way out from Seattle to catch New England Worlds. He is such a cool guy. It was so awesome meeting him, hanging out, and drooling over his 333fab bike which is beyond words...I also got to meet The Faticus in person! Again total cx royalty in my mind...ok now this is getting way longer than I'd planned. Full report later I just wanted to give thanks to all who made the tailgate possible and all those who came by and hung out with us and made it the best day of cross tailgating evah! 
Max post race! He layed down some of the sickest high speed line changes I have ever seen in my life! He is a cross ninja no doubt about it
A personal confession this is the ONLY time I have ever stayed for a full day of cross. Usually with my insane life of family commitments etc its get in, race and book it home before the kids destroy the haus and DSS is called in...Seeing a whole days worth of cross was amazing. And G-star especially. The racing was incredible in all categories but watching the pro woman and mens race was phenomenal. Jonathan Page in person! My god how does it get any better than that!

Last  of the shout outs I swear: Matt Simpson rockin it!!! Rosey riding like a man possesed, The Haler-Hups own 4 assassin! Hole shot prime of $20 cash paid out in full! 3rd place sacrificed to appease his teammates lust for speed! Eli--dude rockin' it on the race course and off! Svelte, Embrocation, Spooky, Pedros, Geekhouse, Planet Bike, G-willi, CB, god cross fucking rules!!! See you all in Providence.

333Fab in the Haus!

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