Thursday, October 29, 2009

ATX Fuzzy Love

One of the amazing things about Hup is the incredible kit we get. We have incredible designers cooking up phenomenal kit each season. Being a cross focused team we get a summer kit and a cross season kit. Well our cross season kit c'est arrive! And in this bundle of goodness is the piece de resistance. The Long sleeve jerseys in ATX fabric are incredible. I have always loved long sleeve jerseys. I like them a bit more than the jersey/arm warmer combo especially for Fall when the chance of overheating is pretty minimal. If you have never tried Vermarc clothing you haven't lived. Seriously. Their Roubaix fleece is amazing. Vermarc's ATX lining is slightly less toasty than Roubaix fleece but still keeps you nice and comfortable on a 40 degree and rainy seems to breath a bit more too than Roubaix fleece which makes it perfect for this time of year. And for extra style points Vermarc has added a very sexy V for victory (or Vendetta?) charm on the zipper! 

Hup Hup the real cross season is finally here! (well it kind of actually got here 6 weeks ago as it seems like we've had mud since mid-september!)

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